Friday, November 17


Time cherishing every minute of it! Hayden has continued to amaze us with his countless words and neverending chatter that makes our hearts leap with excitement, and he is (finally) out of the pull-ups (during the day, anyway), and loving his THOMAS the TRAIN undies! His favorite things right now (other than preschool and his new movie CARS) include lining his cars up on the fireplace, riding the Gazelle, being a handyman and jumping in leaves! He's also very proud of his new big boy bed! :-)

Friday, November 3

a good read...

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Thursday, November 2

The Season

It's 9:20 pm here on my couch (and many other places). I just turned to ESPN to catch the last quarter of the West Virginia - Louisville football game (two incredibly good, undefeated teams playing each other). Katy is with a co-worker/friend getting fitted for a bridesmaid dress and Hayden is in bed. Abby (our dog that I wish would run away) is asleep at the other end of the couch.

Everything seems normal, doesn't it?

Let me rewind about 140 minutes to what I believe to have been a monumental moment which will culminate in April...yes, just over 2 hours ago my beloved Kansas University Men's Basketball Team launched their season of inevitable triumph against a local university. Folks, college basketball is here!

Rather than systematically break down how incrediblely good my Jayhawks are this year, I believe this year's statement will be made as my team takes over the world. However, because of some recent taunting by family and friends, I think it's necessary to directly address some of you who have been led astray by evil.

UNC Fans - You define're probably a Lakers or Bulls fan too.
Hoosier Fans - Candycane pants...seriously, I'm hurt for you.
KSU Fans (that's Kansas State to everyone outside of Manhattan) - 3 words: Little Man syndrome

I think that covers everyone who has yet to see the light of goodness.

There is one key concept to grab ahold of if you wish to enjoy some of the greatest things in life. If you want the best pizza, go to where it was invented. If you want the best buffalo wings, go to where they were invented. If you want to watch the best basketball in the world, go to where it was invented. Where was basketball invented, you Kansas University by Dr. James Naismith. We invented it and perfected it. North Carolina, Indiana and everywhere else...all you can do is learn from us.

I welcome any comments, questions or theological debates about this issue. Please know that in the end, I'm right.

Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk...Go KU!

Trick or Treat!

We had a great time on Tuesday ... Hayden went to a pumpkin patch with his preschool, and then we went to the mall to show off Bob the Builder! Hayden got some great treats in his little toolbox!

Here some more pics from our visit to Kerby Farms!