Monday, March 31

Transition Update

I thought many of you might wish to have an update on our transition from Manhattan, Kansas to Rapid City, South Dakota:

We put our house on the market on March 13th...showed it on March 14th...received an offer on March 15th...sold it on March 15th. You have to believe that God had His mighty hand in this detail of life. We will be closing on the sale of our home on May 30th.

I will be done "pastoring" Real Life Church on April 30th...they have given me the month of May to concentrate on packing and moving to our new assignment. This was an incredibly generous gift from our church...they are wonderful people who passionately love God.

We have decided that Katy will "stay at home" for the next 1-2 years as she concentrates on helping our family transition into a new home. With our baby girl entering the world around June 20th, we both believe this to be the direction we ought to go. Katy will serve as the "Office Assistant" for our new church which will require 15 hours of her week...must better than 50 hours a week of teaching :)

It has been recommended to us that we put Hayden in Kindergarten this coming Fall...he'll turn 5 on August 26...we feel like this is early. He's academically capable, but we are concerned how his behavior would be affected. So, we're praying and researching. We'll know more once we get more information from the school in Rapid City...any comments on this one?

(Rapid City)
I am leaving for a quick trip to Rapid City on April 9th...I'll spend a few days trying to find a house for us. We've done a lot of preliminary searching while visiting RC and also on the internet. I think I'm prepared to buy a home without Katy "actually seeing it". Pray about this for us.

I've had some conversations and passed back-and-forth some e-mails with some folks as I look for a "teammate" at Fountain Springs Community Church. The church has a newly established Student Ministry and I'm looking to bring someone on who can firmly establish a thriving Student Ministry who minsters to Generation Y while also helping in other areas. This is a new experience for me (hiring staff) and it's extremely fun hearing the dreams and goals of other people as they seek God's will.

I am leaving, again, for a tour of Israel on April 28th...I'll spend 10 days in Israel and it is dominating my mind right now with extreme excitement!

Our new worship gathering is only two months old and it is going really, really well! We are starting a new series for the month of April which will deal with self-image, lust, and's called Dirty Little Secrets. We'll discuss what Scripture talks about in regards to self-hatred, porn, sex, and marriage affairs. We will have folks giving real testimony each week in relation to the topic at hand. We will hear how God has restored those who have abused their bodies...those who have conquered sexual addictions...those who have sought and accepted forgiveness for an abortion. I believe some big stuff is gonna happen. Please pray for us during this time.

Our little baby girl (yet to be born) is very healthy. She is making herself known more and more each day as she kicks and pushes. We are truly blessed by our Creator.

We'll keep you filled in on how life evolves for us. It's an exciting for the Kinnan family!

- David

It's a sweet, sweet day.

Some folks have hobbies...sewing...hiking...scrap booking...picking their nose...

Me...I have a few hobbies, but very few recreational activities bring me joy like that of watching my Kansas Jayhawks fight their way to the Final Four. I know...many of you wonder what I'm talking about...that's because you follow teams like Michigan, Ohio State, and Kansas State. You see, the Final Four is the the best event in all of sits just above The Masters and College Football BCS Bowls. It would classically be defined as the "pinnacle" of all sports.

This Saturday brings about a match-up that all KU fans have anxiously awaited. It proposes to be a time of sports redemption when our former coach (Roy Williams...of whom I named my dog after and then that dog, fittingly, ran away) and Roy's former team...the Kansas Jayhawks, engage in a basketball battle. Please do not be mistaken...this is not a game between UNC and's is simply a battle between two former family members who were forced to part ways.

Saturday is a big day...Monday will be even watching and ready for KU to Rock, Chalk up another National Championship! Go KU!

(I appologize for you those of you who are not sports-enthusiasts...just know, I'm having a good time.)

Sunday, March 2

Moving to the Black Hills

We have news for you. With a tentative date set for June 1st, we are moving to Rapid City, South Dakota where David will be the Lead Pastor of Fountain Springs Community Church. We have visited the area twice and we literally fell in love with the community and the people we were able to meet. It's so exciting to dream about this new chapter in our life, but we've also done a lot of reflecting on the chapter which is about to close. We have so many friends here in Manhattan and it's gonna be a tough transition as we leave the city we fell in love in and with. We'll be leaving Real Life Church, the church we helped plant over 3 years ago and the church who is made up of friends we consider to be family. A "roller coaster of emotions" is certainly a fitting expression.

So...that's what we've been wanting to tell you and now you know :)