Friday, June 27

Baby Land

What a week it has been! I think that most parents would probably agree that the first week ... or two or three weeks with a new baby is like living in a different world - we're totally there! We've been enjoying our time with our kidS (yeah for the plural!) and Mom and Dad Kinnan. Lacking in the sleep department hasn't slowed us too much, but we've been spending time at home working on getting a schedule down.

Ellie (or "Sissy" to Hayden), has made it known that she prefers (and sometimes demands) to be in the company of others ... she loves to be talked to ... she loves when Hayden gives her kisses, and she definitely enjoys her favorite fuzzy blanket. It's been fun to see the two of them interact and already begin to bond ... and also to see how quickly she has made her preferences known! Hayden continues to thrill us with his gentleness, love, and nurturing ... a GREAT big brother!

Hayden and Daddy have a new tradition of going golfing on Friday (Daddy's day off). They shared this tradition with Papa, and Papa got Hayden a new set of golf clubs to make him really feel a part of the experience. Hayden will go from being Daddy's caddy to the king of the course soon, we're sure!

Tuesday, June 24

Here She Is!

Yesterday we welcomed our second little blessing ... Ellie Grace was born at 2:58pm (SD time) and is doing spectacular!

Hayden is in love, and cannot wait to teach his "baby sissy" all about cars and trucks and other important things in life! :-)

Ellie is still getting used to daylight and has enjoyed her normal schedule of being awake at night ... we're working on that! She's very quiet and easy going, only "squacking" (literally) when she wants something, sleeping most of the day. We are all doing well and will get to head home this afternoon!

We'll keep you updated!
David, Katy, Hayden, and Ellie

Monday, June 16

Greetings from Rapid City, South Dakota!

We should apologize for our lack of posting ... we are very sorry! Moving to a new place and acclimating to new jobs have taken their toll on our time, but we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves and so thankful for what the Lord is doing!

Manhattan, Kansas
We were blessed with an incredible final service with our Real Life Church family ... it was a celebration of what the Lord has done and continues to do in all of our lives, and we said good-bye (or see you soon) to our friends and family there. On Monday the 26th we pulled out of Manhattan ... between our tears and the rain, we were soaked, but the Lord gave us safe travel and we arrived at our new home on Tuesday afternoon to an army of helpers to get our truck/cars unloaded.

Our New Church
Fountain Springs Community Church holds an incredible body of believers and we have been so thankful for their kindness and generosity as we get settled ... we have had opportunities to serve alongside, as well as share and listen and are blessed to be here! God is moving and working in and through, and we are thankful to be a part of it ... and excited for what is to come!

Our New Home
We have unpacked most everything and the house is really feeling like home! We have enjoyed being right in front of some beautiful hills, and even get to watch deer from our kitchen table while we eat ... it's been so great! We've also had the honor of hosting a number of people from our new church family and have enjoyed the time to get to know them!

Our New Town
This place is absolutely "Pleasantville"! People are so kind, and between that and the incredible amounts of activities for families, we have been thoroughly enjoying our time here!

  • Old McDonald's Farm: A petting zoo with a lawnmower train that Hayden won't stop talking about.
  • Pottery-2-Paint: We had a great family time there choosing then painting pottery - Hayden painted a puppy dog, David got a coffee mug, and I chose a plate. Although I realized that I am very low on the "artistic scale," we had a blast!
  • Mt. Rushmore and Keystone: Definitely a family favorite!
  • Storybook Island: A free park with dozens and dozens of toys and special things for kids, including a little theater with daily shows. Hayden was stuck on the big train and fire truck that he could play on!
We are still waiting on baby - June 20 is the big day, but the doctor said today (and last Monday) that it could be ANY MINUTE! I am hoping for that, but am trusting that she will come when it is time! :-) My lower back says the time is now, but I'll be patient!

Our big guy is having a ball, and though random questions have come up, from "Why did God bring us here?" to "Why did Adam name the Octopus, Octopus?," he has been enjoying time with mommy and daddy and his new pals! We're working on getting him into the soccer league, and have found a great preschool for the fall (Praise the Lord!)!

Hayden had fun on a recent Saturday afternoon trip to Mt. Rushmore, and won't stop talking about a visit to Ellsworth Air Force Base with the B-1 Bombers with daddy and his buddies Josiah and Christian, and their daddies!

We love you and will post again as soon as we can!