Friday, June 27

Baby Land

What a week it has been! I think that most parents would probably agree that the first week ... or two or three weeks with a new baby is like living in a different world - we're totally there! We've been enjoying our time with our kidS (yeah for the plural!) and Mom and Dad Kinnan. Lacking in the sleep department hasn't slowed us too much, but we've been spending time at home working on getting a schedule down.

Ellie (or "Sissy" to Hayden), has made it known that she prefers (and sometimes demands) to be in the company of others ... she loves to be talked to ... she loves when Hayden gives her kisses, and she definitely enjoys her favorite fuzzy blanket. It's been fun to see the two of them interact and already begin to bond ... and also to see how quickly she has made her preferences known! Hayden continues to thrill us with his gentleness, love, and nurturing ... a GREAT big brother!

Hayden and Daddy have a new tradition of going golfing on Friday (Daddy's day off). They shared this tradition with Papa, and Papa got Hayden a new set of golf clubs to make him really feel a part of the experience. Hayden will go from being Daddy's caddy to the king of the course soon, we're sure!


Jodi said...

Awesome clubs, Hayden! You have a beautiful baby sister, and you're already doing a GREAT job being a big brother! :)

Anonymous said...

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