Tuesday, November 20

Thanksgiving Trip

We're off to Marion, Indiana for the Kinnan Family Reunion. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Friday, November 16

Lenny's Truck

Lenny, a friend from church, works for the railroad. Occasionally, he stop by the office in his work truck. Hayden was with me and he was invited to take a "tour" of Lenny's official "Train Truck". To say the least, Hayden had a blast!

Tuesday, November 6

Episcopal Wedding

Caleb and Morgan are good friends and a part of our church body (when not at school). They were married this past weekend and I was able to participate in the wedding by leading a few readings, giving the homily (short sermon), and introducing them as Mr. and Mrs. Caleb and Morgan Enoch.

It was a great experience as I'd never participated in an Episcopal wedding. Father Tom is the priest of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. We had some great discussions about his tradition and mine...I really enjoyed meeting him.

It took some adjustments to get used to the formality of certain traditions, but you can't help but value the reverence the Episcopal Church gives to a wedding ceremony. I'd much rather this sacrament be taken too seriously than too lightly.

Congratulations Caleb and Morgan Enoch!!!

Saturday, November 3

Pray for Bailian

A precious little guy from our church is currently at Children's Mercy in KC - he's got asthma and a recent bout has resulted in pneumonia. His daddy is in the military and currently in Iraq, so please be in prayer for his mommy as she carries this on her shoulders.

Pray for strength, healing, and peace - we hope Bailian's dad will be coming home soon for R&R to see them.

Friday, November 2