Sunday, November 20

Our Helpful Little Guy!

Hayden is continuing to learn and do so many great things ... his favorites include helping mommy and daddy with all kinds of things ...

Teaching Daddy some computer tricks ...

Helping Mommy dust on Saturday's...

Even taking Daddy and Mommy out to eat at our favorite place, OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE!

Hayden also finds it necessary to demonstrate the hazardous effects of lemon-eating ... even though he knows it's so sour because he chomps on them all the time, he still insists on "borrowing" it from Mommy's glass of water ... showing us it's sour, then putting it back into her cup! :)

Thursday, November 17

A Rabbi

I'm not Jewish.

I've never experienced Jewish culture with Jewish people.

I have read a small amount about the "days of Christ" but "inadequate" would still describe my knowledge of His time-period.

Recently, I was given a CD of a message preached by Ray Vander-something (many of you are probably familiar w/ this man who speaks w/a New England accent). The message was entitled "Talmid Discipleship". I'll spare you the details which will take me 10-15 more "listens" of this CD to understand and soak up, but here's the main point:

In my culture (Land of the IPod and Blackberry), we typically refer to discipleship as a focussing on knowing more about Jesus Christ: what He did and why He did...what He said and why He said...etc. However (say "however" like you have a pipe in your teeth and reading glasses sitting on the edge of your nose), during the days of Jesus, discipleship was more clearly defined: Rather than know what the Rabbi knows, they are to BE what the Rabbi IS!

By the age of 12, every Jewish boy was to have the the first 5 books of the Bible completely memorized to a point in which they could refer not only to a verse but the words leading into that verse and the context in which they were being used...they're knowledge of the Scriptures(at the age of 12) surpases anyone that I currently know. If they were deemed "worthy", they spent the next three years learning the rest of the Old Testament (memorizing). Think of a 15 year old you they have the entire Old Testament memorized with a capability of quoting words inside a verse? After turning 15, the boy would then study a Rabbi until he was 30...literally following the Rabbi into the bathroom as to not miss a thing!

History lesson:
When did Christ first take part in the Passover? 12 yrs. old
When did Christ begin his ministry? 30 yrs. old
See any special correlation? Jesus...Rabbi...hmmm...

Now you're in my does the Jewish view of "discipleship" compare to the discipleship you hear preached and taught in your church? I understand the Bible clearly speaks to this: "Go and make disciples of all nations". I also know a disciple isn't just a person who has the Scriptures memorized.

- Differentiate between a Christian and Disciple of Christ. Are they different?
- If they are different, is that okay? Why/Why not?
- If being a true disciple of Christ meant you needed to begin memorizing the Scripture, dedicating hours of your day to live and breath the life of Christ...essentially pursuing to mimic the His heart...would you seek discipleship?

I'm noticing that this post is extremely inadequate because it doesn't say all that's in my head, and it leaves unanswered questions. Sorry...I'll try to dump more thoughts as some later day.

We leave for Indiana on Tuesday morning...flat land and cloudy skies. I hear that Handy Andy has been taken over...I am grieving.


Thursday, November 10

We Learn Something New Every Day!

Hayden has been making some pretty remarkable discoveries lately ... things that we take for granted have been discovered ... and cherished by our precious little guy! He has a knack for learning quickly and has put his knowledge to use ... although we put the high locks on the doors months ago because our innovative angel learned how to unlock the doors and let himself, or the puppy out, we're learning that toddlers have a way of making any "child-proofed" thing more like "child proves it's not so child proof!"

- Hayden has learned the most efficient way of removing himself from the confines of his car seat. AAAAHHHH! After some fearful moments of mommy and daddy pulling over and re-fitting the shoulder straps while calmly explaining in toddler terms the need to leave them on, the problem has subsided ... for now! :)

- Hayden has realized that the snacks are on the top shelf of the cupboard ... and has also learned that if he climbs just right, he can reach up and grab some fruit snacks or cheeze-its fast enough to not get caught ... most of the time! He is seriously like a jungle animal when he starts climbing ... so flexible and balanced ... one time he apparently didn't move as quickly as his normal routine and realized that he was a foot off of the ground, and got scared ... mommy came to the rescue and now he asks for a snack instead of venturing up the cabinet on his own!

- Mimicking ... the wonderful art of copying each and every word, phrase, or action that you see! I have two younger brothers who made adolescence much more interesting by putting that art to work, and Hayden has made each and every day a little more exciting by sharing his newest lessons learned with us. He loves to put his stuffed animals through whatever he's done or will do. "MOO" is his stuffed cow that has been his best buddy for months, and "Tiger" has just joined in the group. He tucks them in and says good night ... he puts Moo in his chair at the table for snack ... he lets them sit in his little trucks and he drives them around ... and he even buckles them into the car seat for a ride! The other day when I brought one of Hayden's car seats in to clean it, he decided that Moo and Tiger should go for a ride! :)

Our little guy is definitely all boy, too ... his favorite thing to do involves anything that has to do with wrestling, throwing a ball, or making "vroom and beep-beep" noises as he skates his cars across the couch. A nightly ritual that has developed is Hayden jumping on David's back and getting a lift around the living room - HE LOVES IT!

Hayden's spirit and excitement for each and every new thing he learns is so refreshing, and he is such a little ball of happiness - it's seriously so contagious!

In his book "Dangerous Wonder," the late Mike Yaconelli encourages readers to rediscover the child in them and apply it to their relationship with God ... to take Jesus at His word when He said, "I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." I pray that just like our little guy and every child in every place, the Lord renews your excitement, your spirit, your hunger to learn something new every day - He is putting it all before us, we must open our eyes and hearts to take it all in. The business of life makes us tired, both physically and spiritually, but I am thankful for the joy the Lord brings to us and pray that you receive it ... and share it with each and every person that you meet. What an awesome God we have to bless us with little ones to truly teach us more about the most important ways to live and things to know in life!

Tuesday, November 8


The word "redemption" is usually used in the context of speaking towards the grace we receive through Jesus Christ...however...I'm speaking of an entirely different subject: COLLEGE BASKETBALL. Actually, to be more specific, I'm speaking of the the Kansas University Jayhawks. Some say this is a "rebuilding" year for their men's basketball team...the polls aren't giving us any respect. Last year's season ended when evil won. However, as I titled this post, redemption will make itself known in a mighty way.

I have lived in the so-called "Basketball State" of Indiana, however no University in this entire universe can compete with the Jayhawks when it comes to Men's Basketball. Our tradition is richer...our enthusiasm is unmatched...our recruiting is considered the best in the nation. Seriously, our first coach invented the game...what? Some of you are UK fans...IU fans...MSU fans...and sadly enough, I bet there is one or two UNC fans (just the thought makes me sick). I feel sorry for each one of your hearts because you'll never experience the satisfying and fulfilling pride of living life as a devoted fan best NCAA basektball program to be created! Being a part of the most dominant conference in the nation will certainly bring about it's challenges. Teams like UNC, who reside in a weak conference, can never strive to duplicate a positive season because their program cannot retain players...there always something "better" in their minds. When at KU, you are saturated in basketball perfection so there is no reason to rush to a successful NBA will come at it's own time.

Argue whatever you wish...history says you're wrong.


*Yes, I know I'm too emotionally involved.

Thursday, November 3

Wedding Bells

On October 8th I had the great privilege of being a bridesmaid in my dearest childhood friends' wedding. This is a picture of the beautiful bride and her bridesmaids ... we lined up from tallest to shortest, so you can guess where I am (AT THE VERY END of the line)!

It was such an incredible weekend of girl time and the wedding was absolutely, positively, breathtakingly beautiful ... Tara has a knack for style and I am so thankful to have been a part of she and Justin's special day!

Tuesday, November 1

King of the Potty!

Forgive me for the interesting title ... but our little man is an official member of the "toilet" club ... although not officially "trained," he went for the first time last night and we are just so thrilled we had to tell you all! No cute pictures to show - we were too excited to think about the camera, but will keep you updated on the progress! Yipee!