Thursday, September 30

KU or KSU Confusion and Family Time

This picture was from last week and was so adorable I couldn't resist posting it! Hayden loves to wear daddy's hats, and this particular evening he was wearing a K-State shirt and running around with this KU hat on ... he's already confused! :)

The week has gotten off to a great and busy start! Pastor Eric and Robin are in Colorado for a Pastor/Spouse Retreat, so David had the opportunity to put together the worship service Sunday evening. It was such a beautiful time, with Tami doing an excellent job with musical worship and several Real Life Church members giving their testimonies.

Monday I spent the day in Topeka and Lawrence researching "Quantrell's Lawrence Raids" and got to spend some quality time with Kurt while on the KU campus (twice in three days ... what am I doing!?) at the Spencer Research Library. It's funny how much alike we are ... and I am really enjoying getting to know my brother as a friend. We had lunch and he was so sweet ... he walked with me across campus so I wouldn't get lost ... KU is much more spread out than KSU! After many exhausting hours of study, I was ready to come home!

Hayden got some new pj's from great-Uncle Jim and great-Aunt Terri for his birthday and is captivated by the long sleeves and the designs on the pants ... everytime we put them on he spends the first few seconds just staring and touching his arms.

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It's adorable! Last night before David left to lead the Bible Study he and Eric are doing at Westview, we had some quality family time!

Along with walking came a need to climb anything and everything ... and of course, the fireplace has been one of Hayden's favorite things. He gives both David and I a quick glance, then moves in, hoping to reach "Mt. Fireplace." Many times he has succeeded, but hopefully soon he will learn what "no" means ... or be stopped by a gate that we'll probably end up putting up. AAAAHHHHHHH!

Another of Hayden's most prized birthday toys is his dump truck. He especially likes to take Abby's toys away and put them in the back of the truck so he can push it around the house and make her follow him around. They're the cutest pair and have really become great buddies. As you can see, he's an avid walker now, and only crawls when he needs to get away fast ... like on his way to the fireplace! :)

David has been keeping busy with his Big Brothers Big Sisters workload (which has become a mountain of work as the fall is a very busy time of year) and Real Life Church responsibilities. I must say, that I am extremely proud of him and full of admiration for the way that he has been handling the chaos that could overwhelm some ... he has been patient, and has leaned on God for his strength, and I am constantly amazed at his dedication and also his discipline in making time for what is really important ... time with God and with us! Yesterday morning I had a mid-term in my first class, and David woke up early to get Hayden and Abby taken care of and even made my coffee and carried all my books to the car ... I'm telling you ... he's amazing! :)

Well, this has been an event-filled week for us, but in His way, God is teaching us the value of both rest and quality time with him, and with those we love. We cannot be the best for God, and others if we run ourselves into fatigue ... it is our duty to keep ourselves as fit as possible, spiritually and physically. Our prayer today, and always, is that you will find God's perfect peace and take comfort in His love and plans for you.

Let's get away from the crowds for a while and rest. Mark 6:31

We Love You,

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Sunday, September 26

KU Football Game

To finally celebrate Hayden's birthday, we traveled to Lawrence for the day to tailgate with family. It was such a great day...Hayden loves being outside and crawling through the grass.

While sitting on the hill just outside the stadium, we were able to watch a hot air balloon go from the back of an SUV to being fully blown-up! Plus, there was a Jayhawk on the side!

Hayden was also able to meet the greatest mascot in the entire sports world: the University of Kansas Jayhawk. Hayden seemed more enamored with the J's beak than actually getting to meet him.

We had a lot of time to sit and relax...enjoying each other and family. The men took their time to sit and bond (i.e. prepare to eat).

Grandma Kinnan enjoyed her time with Hayden as he cheered on the Jayhawks.

We took some time to snuggle and make a few funny faces (DK).

By the end of the day, Hayden was spent. He's crawled all over creation, played with family, met the great mascot known to man, and cheered on the greatest university to have ever been established. Nap time was easy.

Thursday, September 23

New "kicks" for Hayden

Tonight was so much fun! Since Hayden has discovered that his legs enable him to reach objects of desire at a much faster was time to put some shoes on his feet. Tonight was the "FIRST PAIR OF SHOES FOR HAYDEN" night. Here are some pics:

Lets just say that Daddy knows style.

The shoe salesman did a wonderful, gentle job at helping Hayden "experience" a shoe.

Hayden is thinking, "What are these things on my feet!?!?"

With Daddy's help, Hayden learned how to use his new shoes. Although, he tends to walk as though he's on the moon...almost like he's trying to step over something every step he takes. It's a lot of fun to watch :)

Monday, September 20

Lions and Tigers and ...

Peacocks, oh my! On Saturday morning, we gave daddy the house to himself and went to "Sunset Zoo" in Manhattan with Hayden's buddy Alli and her mom Tami. We had a great time and Hayden and Alli really enjoyed seeing all of the animals! They're favorites were the two tigers, and the peacocks that roamed around the zoo. Here's just one of the many we "bumped" into during our visit.

Hayden was particularly mesmorized by the tigers ... they laid in the same place the entire time and he stared at them for the longest time, not moving a bit. We finally decided it was time to move on, and he was not very excited about that, so in the gift shop we got him a little stuffed tiger, which he finally let go of during his nap later in the day!

Saturday evening we went to Lenny, Tami and Alli's for a barbeque. David and Lenny could not get enough of the BBQ ribs (they were quite amazing), and after such a big, delicious meal, we just relaxed and enjoyed watching Hayden and Alli play. Alli is two, so she's showing Hayden how things are done ... he follows her around everywhere, and actually started following her upright ... as in WALKING everywhere! Saturday night was the first time that Hayden has taken more than 5 or 6 steps at a time and now he is full-blown walking ... we're ecstatic for him, and he was so excited to be walking that you could hear little squeals of joy as he followed Alli down the hallway! He's growing up so fast!

Our worship service on Sunday evening brought about some excitement. David prepared a message for the evening...holiness being the topic (I Peter 1:13-2:3). To summarize what God gave him to say: Holiness isn't a goal to achieve by climbing a ladder of good choices. We are made holy when we claim Jesus Christ to be Lord of our lives...we're set apart from the ordinary. He broke the passage up to explain 4 categories of our lives in which holiness makes itself known:
1. Self Control (vs. 13-16)
2. Reverence (vs. 17-21)
3. Love (vs. 22-25)
4. Nourishment (2:1-3)

To top the evening off...we had many surprise guests who must have come via our attraction event a week ago or maybe just word of mouth. However they got to was nice because we doubled our normal attendance! It was a lot of fun to meet new people and share our stories about what God has been doing in the new church...we're all pretty pumped right now and we haven't even launched yet!

That was our weekend. We hope you enjoy your week!

Friday, September 17


As soon as Hayden could crawl, he started getting into EVERYTHING! Cabinets, cupboards, toilets ... if he could get into it, he would. So, we child-proofed (sometimes I think it's mommy and daddy proof too!) everything except for a few drawers with contents that we determined couldn't hurt him or be hurt by him, and of course, Hayden found them quickly! Now that he's semi-walking, he gets to them much easier, and stays at them longer! This is his favorite drawer ... it's got the cooking utensils: spatulas, spoons, measuring cups. It's so funny because he's in there so much we end up washing it all everyday even though we never use them! The next drawer down is his second most favorite, the dish-towels! He throws them out, them puts them back in, and hides the spatulas and spoons and measuring cups under them. HaHa!

Now, what is Hayden's idea of fun after a long day of emptyping all the drawers in the kitchen?

It's to see Daddy, of course! Usually when David gets home, Hayden, Abby, and I are waiting for him outside ... actually, not waiting ... I'm usually pulling pieces of mulch out of Hayden's mouth and holding Abby so she doesn't go leave a "present" on the neighbor's yard, but nevertheless, we're outside and anxiously awaiting David's arrival from a long day at work.

We hosted a RLC Children's Ministry meeting this morning and are preparing for our January launch, as well as ensuring things are running smoothly for our launch team meetings and Sunday services now. It was a great meeting and I'm so thankful to have been called to such a special ministry opportunity with such special people! David was there, as he is the "overseerer" of the Youth/Children's Ministries, Jena is the Children's Ministry Director, Kodee is doing Upper Elementary, and I am in charge of the Nursery.

I had to early to go to the doctor ... I've had swollen glands and a sore throat for several days and we wanted to make sure it wasn't anything serious ... and 30 minutes in the waiting room and $20 later we were assured that it is nothing more than severe allergies or a virus, so thank goodness! :)

We are looking forward to a weekend of refreshment ... we've got several "dinner parties" planned and are excited to be able to spend time with good friends ... tonight, a dinner party at the Schlegel's, tomorrow I'm going to experience the art of Manhattan "garage sale-ing" with Becky and Tami ... which will be my 3rd garage sale trip ever, then we'll probably take Hayden and Alli (Tami's daughter) to the zoo. This is all my attempt to finally give David some peace and quiet at home so he can finish preparing his message ... he's doing a wonderful job on it ... and it is so powerful ... I can't wait for him to share it with you! Saturday evening we're going to a barbeque at Lenny and Tami's, and having RIBS! Yummy!

Alright, I think that's all for now! Hayden is napping so I'm going to go rest for a bit!

Come, be my disciples, and I will show you how to fish for people. Matthew 4:19 NLT

Wherever we go ... it is a mission field for God. Lord, help us to be conscious of this, so that we may tell others the joyous message through our compassionate love, our kind words, and our selfless actions.

Yes, Hayden is sporting what I like to call his "college guy do" ... we're actually not trying to keep up with the latest hair trends ... we've just not cut it for awhile, like since vacation ... i actually like it when it's a little longer, but when it gets to the length it is now crazy things start happening ... food seems to get lost in it, Abby likes to play with it, and Hayden definitely can't stand the amount of time it takes to wash it. Anyway, you'll hopefully see pictures of a haircut in the very, very near future!

Have a Blessed Day!

Wednesday, September 15


Katy and I have just started reading the book of Proverbs each day. Aside from the obvious wisdom one can glean from reading King Solomon's writings, the time spent in Scripture with my wife is so rich.

For those of you who might be interested...I've been reminded of a key principle...maybe it's a key practice. The second proverb in the book talks about INSIGHT. There are a few different "pictures" the writer speaks of when conveying how we ought seek insight. I can picture the miner with the water's edge just hitting his knees. He is vigorously shaking his sifting plate...looking intently for something of value. This picture is being created for a purpose: We should approach "life" in the same manner...allowing experience and circumstance to be sifted through our plate. What are we to look for? INSIGHT...on anything. Do you have financial choices glaring at you? What about vocation choices? I'd suggest making a list...put them all in your "sifting plate" and allow God to let the right choice(s) rise to the top as a small nugget of gold might do in the miners plate. Look for insight in the crisp, clear well as the chocolate, muddy water. Insight is everywhere...placed perfectly by God for us to see just another glimpse of His glory. Insight can be taken from our horrible boss or a weak can be pocketed after a good converation with a friend. The key is that you keep sifting...keep looking.

That's what I've been learning.


Friday, September 10

Today's Top Story:

I CAN WALK! No nothing! I told my Doc that it felt like Christmas.

Now I can pick Hayden up...Now I can take the trash out...Now I can carry Katy's dinner plate!



This is a picture that somehow didn't make it to the blog the other day ... Hayden is learning to "love" Abby, and this is the first record of petting, not slamming! :)

Yesterday was so much fun! Hayden, Abby, and I went outside in the afternoon and enjoyed the sunshine! They had a lot of fun crawling around ... and Hayden pushed ALL of the lawn chairs into one big pile ... he's into this bulldozer phase where EVERYTHING must be pushed! :)

David is a Big brother through the Big Brother Big Sister program, and his little brother, Derron came over and they finished the model car they've been working on for the last few weeks. I was in the kitchen getting them lemonade when Hayden "disappeared" ... he went to his favorite place in the house ... our bedroom! The moment Hayden's feet touch the floor ... from getting up from a nap to out of his high chair the first place he goes is to our room ... David and I each have a little shelf unit/night stand on our side of the bed and Hayden LOVES going through each of them! We also have mirrored closet doors along one of the walls, and Hayden loves to go look at himself and make silly faces! He is so precious ... and so predictable! :)

David has physical therapy today at 1pm and an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon at 2pm. Tonight we're going to the Wamego High School Football game with Real Life Church for the tail-gate competition as a community outreach event. I spent the morning making puppy chow. Yum!

Tomorrow I have the PLT/Content Area tests ... like an ACT for Education majors, and extremely scary for people who are scared of big tests, like me! It's from 730am to 530pm ... so please say a prayer for me as I'm taking this career-influencing test and for David as he stays at home and watches Hayden and Abby!

We Love You!

Thursday, September 9

The Apprentice Starts Tonight. Oh Yeah!

Hayden is an absolute ham with the camera. As soon as he sees it, he is all smiles! One morning, we were reading a new ABC's book in his room, and then Abby joined us for some playtime ... well, wrestling is more like it!

Like David said, Grandma and Grandpa Kerby, Uncles Kurt and Pete, and Aunt Lara and Cousin Liz came to visit last weekend! Mom and Dad brought their car to show us ... it's sooooooooo cool, and I got to drive it (how scary is that!?)! Lara and Liz brought Hayden some birthday presents ... and one of them was his very own set of golf clubs, so daddy's wish came true! He hasn't got his swing perfected just yet, but I'm sure it won't be long!

Tuesday evening we had our launch team meeting ... and how exciting it was! We're planning one of our first attraction events. We're participating in a tail-gate this Friday at Wamego High School's varsity football game and were finalizing plans. It is so thrilling to be getting out into the local communitites and sharing our love, our excitement, and our church with them! We are looking forward to sharing God's light on Friday! Please be in prayer for those that God will be putting in our path that evening!

David had physical therapy yesterday morning and is progressing well. He'll have it again tomorrow, then twice next week. We're hoping that he will be able to walk without crutches soon ... crutches are definitely not the best, or most the comfortable accessory! I'm so proud of him ... he's really working hard at home to exercise his leg and the physical therapist is impressed with his progress! Thank you for your prayers!

I'm going into the dentist today to do impressions of my teeth for whatever they're going to make for my jaw. Like David said, I was in a world of pain on Monday, but thanks to Ibuprofen and some sleep, it's feeling better. After the impressions are made, I will get the mouthpiece, and the process of fixing and then healing will begin ... bring it on! (I CAN'T WAIT)! But no, we're not falling apart ... we are actually being strengthened and renewed amidst all the chaos and visits to doctors and medical bills ... God is continually granting us a comfort and peace that all with work out to His glory ... that we needn't worry because He is capable and He is in control!

We're keeping busy with school and work ... Hayden has reaquainted himself with Ms. Gwen ...his babysitter (a.k.a. Our gift from God!)after a long summer apart , and has met a lot of new little buddies during his time there each week, and Abby is getting better at letting us know when she needs to go! She had a run in with a bunny rabbit the other night in our backyard, and probably won't be going out there for awhile. :)

This was our verse of the day on our Billy Graham calendar and I thought it fitting for not only daily life, but especially for our activities this Friday ... as we pray this for ourselves it is our prayer for you as well ... that God gives us all a heart of compassion, of joyful love and of a giver's spirit. That we give without taking and love with no end. What a more beautiful gift could you give to others but God's love and light shining through you?

The wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.
James 3:17

"Fill me with your mercy and love, Lord. In an angry world, let me be used to bring peace where there is strife." Billy Graham

Have a Blessed Week!


Monday, September 6


One of the memories I wish my mind could remember would have to be the good ol' days of "baby nakedness". Wouldn't life be great if we, as adults, were still allowed to run all over the world dressed only in a diaper...that's my happy place!

Katy's family came to Manhattan for a Saturday visit. G-ma Teresa was able to hold both of her grand-babies all day long. In case we haven't mentioned yet, the beautiful little 9 month old sitting on G-ma's lap is our niece...Elizabeth.

Our Labor Day has been eventful thus far...Katy has been sick all day which requires "gimp-boy" (me) to corral our little boy from room to room. Crutches are a great parenting tool which directing a child to his highchair.

Katy is feeling a little better, but the problem can't be fixed today...the source is actually her jaw which causes migraines...which leads to upset tummies and dizziness. Not fun for her...especially when there isn't a cloud in the sky and it's 70 degrees. Pray for her. She's scheduling her first appointment with the dentist since being told of an 18 month process that'll cost $5000. Satan really seems to think he can discourage us by affecting our finances and health. If I had any respect for him, I'd let him know that his efforts are pointless. However, I'd prefer to waste his those of you who he is can thank us.

Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS. Again I will say, REJOICE!

(Philippians 4:4)

Saturday, September 4


DK news:
After a little begging, the doctor has allowed me to change my cast. I now have a robotic-like cast wrapped around my leg. They call it a walking boot although I'm not allowed to walk on it. Does that make much sense? I am healing up nicely. Physcial therapy started on Friday which was kinda cool...they hooked me up to some electrodes which massaged my ankle and a controlled environment, they electrocuted me. Good times!

Hayden news:
We were told that once Hayden turned 1, a lot of changes would start to occur. One of these good changes is that he's starting to take his first steps. Here's a couple of picks of Hayden walking between daddy and mommy!

Vocabulary is something fun to help a child develop. Of course one of Hayden's words in his vocabulary tank is "BALL". I'm a proud dad. Now, if I could only find a set of golf clubs for a 1 year old...

Church Plant news:
Katy called Wal-mart yesterday to ask if we could set up a booth outside their store. They asked what we would be selling and Katy answered by saying we're not selling anything...we just want to pass out free hot dogs and lemonade. The guy didn't know how to respond! He said, "Of course! Nobody has ever wanted to just be nice when setting up a booth!". SO, if you're in Manhattan on October 10th...stop by Wal-mart for a free hot dog and lemonade...maybe we'll even tell you about an exciting new church in the area.

Also...concerning "events"...on September 24th we've entered our church in the Tailgate Contest at one of our local high schools. Basically, everyone walks from group to group tasting their food and getting to know each other. This is all done before the Homecoming football's a pretty big deal in area we're doing this. I wonder if the news about a brand new church might come up while people visit our section of the party... just think of all the exciting new people we get to meet!

We hope you are all planning to relax and enjoy a 3 day weekend. Make sure you catch some some good food...and invest in your families!


Thursday, September 2

I Found the Camera!

Alright, so the other day I promised pictures of Hayden and Abby from the camera that I thought was in Hayden's room ... nope... it was nowhere to be found. After literally turning the house upside down, and feeling as though there must be an oompaloopa hiding things from me ... I found the camera this morning when I wasn't even looking ... and in a place I thought I had searched dozens of times. It was behind one of the pillows on the loveseat. Whew ... I think need a break (or better glasses)! :)

So, here are the much anticipated pics of Hayden and Abby from this weekend. I'll explain the timeline of what's going on in each, although it's probably fairly obvious. First, Abby approaches Hayden. Next, Hayden, excited to see Abby, gets down to play with her. Abby then comences playful "biting" and Hayden wants no more to do with her. Finally, Abby finds shoes and decides those are better because they don't fight back. It's really a show ... Hayden has found it easiest to hug her until she calms down ... but really, they're the best of friends. When Hayden is napping, Abby pushes on his door until she gets in, and lays down by his crib. When Abby is in "time-out" or sleeping, Hayden goes to the door that leads to the garage and bangs on it, screaming, of course. Cute, but noisy! :)

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What a week we have had! David went back to work on Monday, and is being a real trooper ... even staying all day everyday! He had an appointment yesterday with the orthopedic surgeon ... his staples were removed, and he got a "boot" cast that he'll wear for awhile. He'll start physical therapy this Friday, and will hopefully be able to walk/limp without crutches soon ... I think they're wearing on him. Please pray that God will continue to strength him, body and mind, as he goes through physical therapy, and that we will trust Him in providing the finances to cover the mounting bills!

I had a full week of classes, and have been enjoying (not really) the many, many, many books that I have been reading for my various classes. My History Seminar is by far my most favorite class, but also the one requiring the most work ... but I guess that makes the load a little easier to bear ... sometimes! I went to the dentist today for a consultation concerening the results of my TMJ/TMD tests that were taken in early August. They went through the different corrective devices and PRICES (AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH) with me, and I asked for a few days to go home and breathe, talk to David about it, and breathe somemore. My, what an expensive mouth I have! :) Again, we ask for prayer in trusting the Lord to provide for our needs. We know it in our hearts ... we must believe it through our actions ... no worry, no fear!

Hayden has officially begun the "temper-tantrum" phase of his life. I don't know if this is his special way of kicking off his first year, but it sure makes the evenings a little different around our house! He is not so much strong-willed (at least right now), but definitely very decisive and sure about what he wants, and what he does not want. We're learning ... everyday! :) He's beginning to stand on his own and take steps without help more and more ... he's got so many new teeth coming in, and his hair is getting SO light! It's such a blessing to see him grow and change right before our eyes ... and so quickly!

God has blessed us in so many ways, and I believe that He is again showing us what a powerful and perfect God he is through the various experiences we have day to day ... whether in our minds they are good or bad. Although as humans, we tend to focus on the bad, the scary, the expensive ... we are thankful and aware more than ever before of the grace, the provision, and the love that He has for us! He has provided for our every need ... physically, spiritually, emotionally ... and we have no doubt that He will continue to guide us through these times, and all others on the journey of our lives. Sometimes its the doctor visits with not-so-good news, the screaming toddlers, the pile of bills that help us to see first-hand in a very tangible way the perfection and the strength of our Lord ... and the way in which He fills us to be all that He has made us to be, if we only trust in Him. We pray that today, you will experience God in a beautiful way, and that in all times, you will remember ... lean on ... trust in His love for you!

God Bless!