Thursday, September 2

I Found the Camera!

Alright, so the other day I promised pictures of Hayden and Abby from the camera that I thought was in Hayden's room ... nope... it was nowhere to be found. After literally turning the house upside down, and feeling as though there must be an oompaloopa hiding things from me ... I found the camera this morning when I wasn't even looking ... and in a place I thought I had searched dozens of times. It was behind one of the pillows on the loveseat. Whew ... I think need a break (or better glasses)! :)

So, here are the much anticipated pics of Hayden and Abby from this weekend. I'll explain the timeline of what's going on in each, although it's probably fairly obvious. First, Abby approaches Hayden. Next, Hayden, excited to see Abby, gets down to play with her. Abby then comences playful "biting" and Hayden wants no more to do with her. Finally, Abby finds shoes and decides those are better because they don't fight back. It's really a show ... Hayden has found it easiest to hug her until she calms down ... but really, they're the best of friends. When Hayden is napping, Abby pushes on his door until she gets in, and lays down by his crib. When Abby is in "time-out" or sleeping, Hayden goes to the door that leads to the garage and bangs on it, screaming, of course. Cute, but noisy! :)

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What a week we have had! David went back to work on Monday, and is being a real trooper ... even staying all day everyday! He had an appointment yesterday with the orthopedic surgeon ... his staples were removed, and he got a "boot" cast that he'll wear for awhile. He'll start physical therapy this Friday, and will hopefully be able to walk/limp without crutches soon ... I think they're wearing on him. Please pray that God will continue to strength him, body and mind, as he goes through physical therapy, and that we will trust Him in providing the finances to cover the mounting bills!

I had a full week of classes, and have been enjoying (not really) the many, many, many books that I have been reading for my various classes. My History Seminar is by far my most favorite class, but also the one requiring the most work ... but I guess that makes the load a little easier to bear ... sometimes! I went to the dentist today for a consultation concerening the results of my TMJ/TMD tests that were taken in early August. They went through the different corrective devices and PRICES (AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH) with me, and I asked for a few days to go home and breathe, talk to David about it, and breathe somemore. My, what an expensive mouth I have! :) Again, we ask for prayer in trusting the Lord to provide for our needs. We know it in our hearts ... we must believe it through our actions ... no worry, no fear!

Hayden has officially begun the "temper-tantrum" phase of his life. I don't know if this is his special way of kicking off his first year, but it sure makes the evenings a little different around our house! He is not so much strong-willed (at least right now), but definitely very decisive and sure about what he wants, and what he does not want. We're learning ... everyday! :) He's beginning to stand on his own and take steps without help more and more ... he's got so many new teeth coming in, and his hair is getting SO light! It's such a blessing to see him grow and change right before our eyes ... and so quickly!

God has blessed us in so many ways, and I believe that He is again showing us what a powerful and perfect God he is through the various experiences we have day to day ... whether in our minds they are good or bad. Although as humans, we tend to focus on the bad, the scary, the expensive ... we are thankful and aware more than ever before of the grace, the provision, and the love that He has for us! He has provided for our every need ... physically, spiritually, emotionally ... and we have no doubt that He will continue to guide us through these times, and all others on the journey of our lives. Sometimes its the doctor visits with not-so-good news, the screaming toddlers, the pile of bills that help us to see first-hand in a very tangible way the perfection and the strength of our Lord ... and the way in which He fills us to be all that He has made us to be, if we only trust in Him. We pray that today, you will experience God in a beautiful way, and that in all times, you will remember ... lean on ... trust in His love for you!

God Bless!

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