Friday, September 10


This is a picture that somehow didn't make it to the blog the other day ... Hayden is learning to "love" Abby, and this is the first record of petting, not slamming! :)

Yesterday was so much fun! Hayden, Abby, and I went outside in the afternoon and enjoyed the sunshine! They had a lot of fun crawling around ... and Hayden pushed ALL of the lawn chairs into one big pile ... he's into this bulldozer phase where EVERYTHING must be pushed! :)

David is a Big brother through the Big Brother Big Sister program, and his little brother, Derron came over and they finished the model car they've been working on for the last few weeks. I was in the kitchen getting them lemonade when Hayden "disappeared" ... he went to his favorite place in the house ... our bedroom! The moment Hayden's feet touch the floor ... from getting up from a nap to out of his high chair the first place he goes is to our room ... David and I each have a little shelf unit/night stand on our side of the bed and Hayden LOVES going through each of them! We also have mirrored closet doors along one of the walls, and Hayden loves to go look at himself and make silly faces! He is so precious ... and so predictable! :)

David has physical therapy today at 1pm and an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon at 2pm. Tonight we're going to the Wamego High School Football game with Real Life Church for the tail-gate competition as a community outreach event. I spent the morning making puppy chow. Yum!

Tomorrow I have the PLT/Content Area tests ... like an ACT for Education majors, and extremely scary for people who are scared of big tests, like me! It's from 730am to 530pm ... so please say a prayer for me as I'm taking this career-influencing test and for David as he stays at home and watches Hayden and Abby!

We Love You!

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