Tuesday, January 29

What is Going On!?

"Happy Face: We LOVE the warm weather!"

"Mad Face: I don't want it to get cold again!"

"Surprised Face: If it snows I can play on my sled; bonus!"

"Strong Man: I can help daddy shovel the snow; extra bonus!"

Yesterday it was 62 degrees outside ... today it was 18 degrees. Kansas = Krazy! While the "heat wave" lasted we spent some time playing outside and having a barbecue!

Yummy, Yummy in My Tummy!

Hayden chose chocolate pudding for a dessert last week, and even helped make it!

Mommy was teaching about Ancient China at school, and brought home some extra chopsticks for our family night - Hayden did an INCREDIBLE job and didn't want to eat with his fork anymore. We had spaghetti the next night and he decided chopsticks weren't always the best option.

Monday, January 21

It's A ...

All is healthy and well ... she's quite the mover and shaker, but we managed to get a DEFINITIVE answer from the doctor!

Hayden thinks that Hannah Montana would be the best name ... we're just thankful we have a few more months before we have to decide!