Saturday, January 29

A full week

No blogging all week...we're sorry about that. This week has been pretty full which kept us away from our normal habits. All of our volunteer and child files were audited at my Big Brothers Big Sisters job and...the bigger news...we launch our new church tomorrow! Katy has been handed the batton in her student teaching experience. As a family we are focusing hard on not allowing certain demands to overcome other demands. I expect a "slow down" in the next couple of months. However, I've never been right when I predict a slowdown. patient...Monday should display a wonderful story along with picture after picture of the great event.

Pray for us today, tomorrow and Monday. We prepare today, we begin tomorrow, we follow up on Monday. Check out more info: Real Life Church

Sunday, January 23


We are all independent by nature ... no matter who you are, I believe that there is an inate sense of satisfaction that comes from being self-reliant ... a thought that we're learning now more than ever with our little guy! The last few weeks have been full of him discovering new things that, although seemingly new to him, have actually been in his presence for his entire life ... he's just seeing them differently (what a thought for us to chew on!)! From taking our car keys and trying to put them in our front door when he's ready to go "bye-bye" (he usually grabs his coat and the keys at the same time ... persistance!) to grabbing the Cheez-Its out of the cupboard and getting himself a snack ... we're having a ball, and our little baby is not such a baby anymore!

Last night the Real Life Church Youth invited everyone to the ice rink for a skating party with hot cocoa and other goodies at the church office afterwards. It was sooooooooo cold, but one of the funniest things we've ever done as a family! In his usual independent way, Hayden ruled the "rink," not even slowing down his quick pace to realize he was on ice ... I was proud of David and I because instead of following on his heels, we hung back (not too far!) and let him explore! He had a ball and even laid down once and started making the "snow angel" moves ... he's our little angel and we are so richly blessed by Him!

Hayden and Daddy trying out the ice ... Hayden never likes to be bundled up, but actually liked his little snowsuit!

Moving right along ... quickly!

Lately Hayden has been doing all kinds of new things ... becoming much more independent (if that is at all possible!), and exploring his toys even more, for instance, he climbs up on his little pony all by himself, turns on the little button for the music, and happily rides without any help from us. It's so much fun to see him discover how to use things and words cannot describe the joy that we are experiencing with him and through him. It has been pure delight for us as parents, because we feel like we have the most perfect and happy and easygoing and precious little guy in the world!

Ok ... so there is a tie for Hayden's favorite two toys ... the pony, and his LEAPFROG drum ... he usually takes the drum with him when he climbs onto the pony, but this was a rare occasion when he decided to keep it on the floor and play it. There's a little yellow star on the left side of the drum (the right side in the picture) that he is constantly pushing because it plays this little beat that he loves to dance to ... oh yeah ... he dances, and can bust some moves! :) The drum can do the alphabet, numbers, and different kinds of music, and since he can switch to whichever he wants to do all by himself he is ALWAYS playing it and enjoying it so much more than when mommy or daddy helped.

This morning at Westview Community Church, we had the opportunity to go and be involved in a "pre-launch" prayer time. It was very heartwarming to experience again their love and support for us and for Real Life Church ... and as we prepare for our official launch next week, we take great comfort, peace, and strength knowing that God has put so many in our path to encourage us. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? WE'RE LAUNCHING NEXT WEEK! :)

We Love You!

“I can do everything through him who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13

Thursday, January 20

The Sweetest Thing

The other day Hayden said two of the most beautiful words as clear and as precious as we've ever heard ... DADDY and MOMMY! He's been mumbling them for months, but to actually hear them spoken so clearly ... it melted our hearts, and for the rest of the evening we just repeated them over and over and listened joyously as he would say them back to us! YIPEE!

KK ><>

Other words that our adorable little guy jabbers: ball, dog, Abby, cheese, pig, papa, bye, cat, dee (not sure what this one means, but it's his favorite and most often used "word"). :)

Monday, January 17

Life As We Know It ...

What a week! We've had ice, snow, freezing rain, sunshine, and more ice! Last week was actually my first full week of student teaching, but the week before that, we enjoyed some family time since neither David or I had to go to work because of the crazy weather!

Yes, I've returned to high school, and what an amazing blessing it has been! Junction City High School is everything and more that I'd hoped for ... it's a huge school in terms of numbers, but the atmosphere is very warm and inviting and the teaching and administration is so innovative! It's been such an enriching experience already, and I am looking forward to getting to know the staff and students more and just learn all that God has put me there to learn! (This is definitely a #1 on my job "wish-list" already)!

The past few weeks have been incredibly exhausting, especially for Hayden, as more time in the nursery and at Gwen's means being around more kids, which means more exposure to yucky viruses. Hayden has definitely had his share of colds, but after a visit to the doctor this evening, we discovered that he has not only the dreaded pink-eye, but also an ear infection ... so, after calls to every parent of children in the nursery last night, all of my cooperating teachers, and Gwen, we have cleared the way for our little guy to rest well at home tomorrow and let the medicine kick in. The doctor said he won't be contagious after 24 hours, and I'm thankful to get to stay home with him another day! :)

David is playing basketball right now, so I will tell you a little bit about his NEW OFFICE! The desk was donated from BreakPointe (Pastor Eric's, too) and is so beautiful! It's very heavy and very large and has a commanding presence in the office ... he's got bookshelves that have been filled with books and KU memorabilia, and it is looking so wonderful! I must say that David has a knack for organizing, and has made it look phenomenal! We'll take pictures and let you see for yourself!

Last week after a long day at school, I was ready to hang out with my guys! Hayden is in a kissing stage ... but is very silly about them ... it's like a little game, so sometimes mommy just steals a smooch! HaHa! He's the most precious and perfect little boy ... and is growing up so fast!

At RLC, Pastor Eric has been preaching on stewardship, and this is a verse that God has used in David and I's lives and hearts often ... it is one that I love to quote because it conjures up so many wonderful thoughts ... and gives a beautiful and vivid reminder of how important it is to nourish yourself with the Lord ... to not just claim to know Him ... but to really and truly seek a relationship with Him ... to envelop yourself in His love. It's Jeremiah 17:7-8, and says

Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence. They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water. Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought. Their leaves stay green, and they go right on producing delicious fruit.

God Bless You!

Monday, January 10

Rock Chalk Jayhawk...KU!

I'm not ashamed...I'm a KU addict. We knocked down another college powerhouse yesterday. Just wanted to point that out to everyone.

Saturday, January 8

Forgotten Christmas picture

Christmas was a blast, but we think our niece (Ailee) got a little more out of it than the rest of us. Can you say "static".

Monday, January 3

Hayden vs. the Toilet Paper Roll


Hayden, a.k.a. "Runs with Toilet Paper"

I couldn't resist posting these! This evening after David went to play basketball with the church guys, I was putting clothes away in our bedroom when Hayden "snuck" into the bathroom that adjoins our bedroom and reaked havoc on the toilet paper roll. By the time I found him, it was too late to save the t.p., so being the scrapbooking mama that I am, I ran and grabbed the camera. He's hilarious ... and the best little guy in the whole wide world!


Back to the Real World ...

This morning marked the end of our two-week "break" ... we had a great time sleeping in and staying up late, but when the alarms sounded at 6 a.m., it was time to get back to reality. (that reminds me of a song from like, the '80's or '90's) ... anyway, since I had to attend an informal student teacher orientation at KSU, I got to be home to get Hayden ready to go to Miss Gwen's, and fix David and I our breakfast shakes. (mmmmm ... diets ... yummy).

Since the rest of the semester I'll be gone by 630, I relished this morning and took a minute for a picture with our little guy (yeah, he's holding one of David's X-box games because he's obsessed with basketballs, and there's one on the cover of the game ... haha).

David was not excited at all. The weather outside was cold and rainy, and the thought of not being home with us ... and just being away all day was not very pleasing to him.

But, realizing that we'd see each other again this afternoon, and the thought of basketball this evening and stroganoff for supper helped him change his mind. The day would be great after all. I have no idea what I'm writing ... bare with me, please! :)

We hope that your 2005 has been wonderful! We had a quite weekend since Hayden was recovering from his cold ... but enjoyed some time at the Neely's on Saturday when we went over to watch the KU vs. Georgia Tech game ... it was awesome, but I'll let David tell you more about it!

God Bless You!