Sunday, January 23


We are all independent by nature ... no matter who you are, I believe that there is an inate sense of satisfaction that comes from being self-reliant ... a thought that we're learning now more than ever with our little guy! The last few weeks have been full of him discovering new things that, although seemingly new to him, have actually been in his presence for his entire life ... he's just seeing them differently (what a thought for us to chew on!)! From taking our car keys and trying to put them in our front door when he's ready to go "bye-bye" (he usually grabs his coat and the keys at the same time ... persistance!) to grabbing the Cheez-Its out of the cupboard and getting himself a snack ... we're having a ball, and our little baby is not such a baby anymore!

Last night the Real Life Church Youth invited everyone to the ice rink for a skating party with hot cocoa and other goodies at the church office afterwards. It was sooooooooo cold, but one of the funniest things we've ever done as a family! In his usual independent way, Hayden ruled the "rink," not even slowing down his quick pace to realize he was on ice ... I was proud of David and I because instead of following on his heels, we hung back (not too far!) and let him explore! He had a ball and even laid down once and started making the "snow angel" moves ... he's our little angel and we are so richly blessed by Him!

Hayden and Daddy trying out the ice ... Hayden never likes to be bundled up, but actually liked his little snowsuit!

Moving right along ... quickly!

Lately Hayden has been doing all kinds of new things ... becoming much more independent (if that is at all possible!), and exploring his toys even more, for instance, he climbs up on his little pony all by himself, turns on the little button for the music, and happily rides without any help from us. It's so much fun to see him discover how to use things and words cannot describe the joy that we are experiencing with him and through him. It has been pure delight for us as parents, because we feel like we have the most perfect and happy and easygoing and precious little guy in the world!

Ok ... so there is a tie for Hayden's favorite two toys ... the pony, and his LEAPFROG drum ... he usually takes the drum with him when he climbs onto the pony, but this was a rare occasion when he decided to keep it on the floor and play it. There's a little yellow star on the left side of the drum (the right side in the picture) that he is constantly pushing because it plays this little beat that he loves to dance to ... oh yeah ... he dances, and can bust some moves! :) The drum can do the alphabet, numbers, and different kinds of music, and since he can switch to whichever he wants to do all by himself he is ALWAYS playing it and enjoying it so much more than when mommy or daddy helped.

This morning at Westview Community Church, we had the opportunity to go and be involved in a "pre-launch" prayer time. It was very heartwarming to experience again their love and support for us and for Real Life Church ... and as we prepare for our official launch next week, we take great comfort, peace, and strength knowing that God has put so many in our path to encourage us. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? WE'RE LAUNCHING NEXT WEEK! :)

We Love You!

“I can do everything through him who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13

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