Wednesday, April 27


Katy is searching for a job...she's graduating with a Secondary-Education (History) degree and minor in Leadership. Right now...not a lot of history positions are making themselves known. She delivered her resume' to the Greek Affairs office yesterday at KSU...they have an Assistant Director of Greek Affairs position open.

A friend of mine distributed my resume' throughout our fine nation a few weeks ago. She knew that my heart desires a full-time ministry position. I've had calls...nothing that I felt God leading me to pursue. Here's something scary: the only thought that seems fulfilling about my next step...senior/lead pastoring. Oh my...I know that freaks me out.

We'll keep you posted. I know that we don't want to leave, but our desire to honor God trumps our desire of location. Katy keeps saying "Hawaii" in her sleep. I'm built like a surfer, right?

I wonder what lies ahead in our journey...

Tuesday, April 26

Opening Day: May 2

We are less than a week away from Opening Day at Twin Oaks Softball Complex. Since we're a church plant, and this is our first year, we're the rookies in the Monday night double-header league.

My goals for the season:
1. No surgeries
2. No trips to the hospital
3. 10 homeruns
4. Record of .500 or better
5. Healthy development of our ministry to men

Saturday, April 23

Working with Daddy

Hayden came to work with me because his baby-sitter was taking the day off. He just couldn't handle it. We arrived at 8 am...3 hours later...he was totally spent.

Tuesday, April 19


That's how old I am as of yesterday.

When I entered college, I hoped my 27th year would include:
- me pastoring
- a wife
- a child
- ownership of a home
- new, deep friendships
- autographed b-ball of a KU Jayhawks team w/ a National Championship

I've got all but the weird! How cool!

Monday, April 11

a little vulnerability for Monday...

I'm not sure why I am choosing to write this...but...I'm hurting today. Yesterday evening, I preached...I cried and laughed during the same message. At it's conclusion, I had nothing left inside to offer...and that's the place I always wish to be every time I conclude a sermon. The words I believe the Holy Spirit equipped me to say included my own personal testimony of how God has granted me, undeservingly, many second chances. I was moved when reminded of that grace.

As expected, the sun rose in the East this morning...the responsibility of feeding and providing for my family became real as it does every Monday. This responsibility is being taken care of through a full-time job...a job that isn't fulfilling for me...a job that I have no desire to do. I hurt on Mondays because I am not doing what my heart longs to do. Mondays are the greatest day of the week other than Sunday because it's a prime opportunity to follow up with what occurred on the Sabbath. Yet, I always find myself at a windows...a computer monitor staring at my face...worthless paperwork needing attention.

Right now, I'm avoiding work that is due...I'm behind...I feel unethical because during the day I sometimes work on "my message" or something else related to my passion...I should be filing paperwork and finishing my case management. I've been told that God wants me here...if He didn't...I wouldn't be here. Why doesn't peace come to my heart when I'm told that?

Before my family reads this and finds concern that "depression" have fallen upon my mind...know that I will press forward no matter what pulls at my legs. I feel selfish, in a sense, because I know many have lived less fulfilling lives than I do...but they still do it. Again, comfort does not come from knowing that. Am I cold? I don't think so.

Patience...David you must have patience. Okay.

27 months of unfillment...God, you're testing me and I'm gonna pass.

I have a perfect wife...a perfect son...a perfect family...and my friends...I have the best friends that I have ever had in my entire life! I find joy in the what God has blessed me with because I don't have these people in my life because of merit I've earned. HE has looked upon me favorably simply because He loves me. I am fulfilled in that truth.

Okay...I feel better. I have vented and thus been reminded of God's truths I've read in His Scriptures.


Katy is being obeserved by the Department Chairperson today...she requested to be observed! I married a wonderful woman. She's graduating in the middle of May...I'm so proud of her.

My birthday is a week from today...27 years old. Because Katy can't keep a surprise, she's already given me two gifts: KU's authentic home game shorts & a gym bag. I've practically worn the shorts everyday since she gave them to me...I wonder if it would be awkward for everyone if I preached in them? They are sacred you know.

Tuesday, April 5

Picture Update

How dangerous does our child look to you?

Hayden has a love for basketball, shouldn't interupt his playing time. You might get a face like this.

Little dude has his own goal (compliments of some friends). It has to stay outside in order to keep the "obsession" to a minimum.

Check out the graceful lay-up...he's got touch!

Okay...back to reality...where did our focus go?

Somebody enjoys the camera...guess who?

This is the right way to play with Abby.

This is the wrong way!

Hayden always joins us on our walks...except...he rarely makes it home before a nap calls for his attention.

Monday, April 4

Bike Helmets?

Here's my question: Why do people wear a helmet when riding a bike? Come on! When growing up, the "bike helmet" wearing people were those who owned a motorcycle. You can't tell me that because of advances in science, we are now aware of the dangers of not wearing a helmet. Did we not know what would happen 15 years ago if a child crashed on their bike and hit their head? NO...we knew they'd bust themselves up...but no helmets were required. So, now I see 8 years old boys wearing helmets that are so big they practically make the kid fall off the bike, not to mention the the knee and elbow pads and protective gloves! Are they going to war? I just don't get it. A helmet and body gear to ride your bike around the neighborhood? I can only imagine the names I would've been called if when "my boys" came over on their bikes, and I come walking out in my robo-gear. That's why we have so many kids on drugs...their tramatized by the bubbles their parents protect them with.

When Hayden falls of his bike, he's gonna scrape up his knees and elbows because he won't be required to wear a pad for every joint on his body. Will he Will he enjoy his "bike riding experience" much better...yes! In reality, he'll probably be able to respond better to a crash because his movement won't be restricted by what will then be a full-body bike riding suit.

By the way...have you seen those West Coast Chopper bicycles for kids...where were those when I was growing up? My "gang" would've been so much "cooler".

Friday, April 1

Planting a community of Christ-followers

When I plant another church someday, I hope my mind and heart reference the experiences I've encountered in the past 5 years. Here's a few things I'm grabbing ahold of:

1. More than a "new church"
Recruiting 25-50 people to join a church plant could almost be labeled as easy because that which is "exciting"usually trumps whatever situation you are in regarding your home church. So, a launch team is typically filled with excited, zealous workers who are energized about creating a new community. The difficulty lies in communicating the vision because communication isn't just expression...communication requires someone else on the other end to get all that's being transmitted. I can proclaim my love for Katy from the highest mountain top, but what does it matter if nobody hears it? After a few months...a year...maybe more...the newness wears off without proper vision communication, leaving people disconnected and dissallusioned with the church plant.

I've learned to help people understand how a church plant isn't simply an easy opportunity to hook up with a new church because you're disatisfied with your current one. If that's the case, it'll be even easier to leave the church plant because of the pattern the person is creating. It's not about joining a new community or finally getting to do what you've always wanted to do in a "church." It's about advancing the Kingdom of God...multiplying the number of people entering eternity with God.

2. One-on-One
The influence I've had at Big Brothers Big Sisters has made one-on-one development come to the forefront when wanting to develop others. Whether its a pastor in the church or a lay person, the value of investing one life into another will never go down. Developing a large mass of people usually creates a fragile community with inadequate lines of communication.

When planting a church, each connection should be done right and thoroughly. Rather than looking for people to fill the ministry "positions", I see a higher effectiveness and efficiency in understanding the heartbeat of each person individually AND I need to know how I can serve them and do so for a period of time. This is what Christ did, and yes...I know...I just exposed my "post-modernity" viewpoint. I believe "practice makes perfect". It has to more than selling a leadership it, expose it, assign it, develop it:

Live the principle
Expose what the principle actually is
Assign the principle to your apprentice
Develop it with them to you're back on top, ready to live a new life principle

If this strategy (modern idea) is practiced, I do believe a healthy group would be formed...a group that would multiply and develop.

3. Doing church
I have a constant wrestling match going on in my head. The thought that maybe "the church" is keeping "the church" from being "the church". We have greeters, ushers, follow-up crews, tech people, administrative people, worship teams, drama teams, children's workers, youth workers....AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! By the time everyone has a job, we're all segregated into a much smaller world. The community is almost lost in the business of being the church. Now that the American church almost completely revolves around the building, we probably have to have all of these positions of leadership in order to function. It just feels like a better way is out there somewhere.

One thing is for planting a church, it's much easier to envision a community that desires to "be the church" rather than one that merely wants to "do church". To help former church-goers grasp the idea of "being" rather than doing is getting more and more difficult, but it is very possible.

Having very little experience, I have to say the ideas, thoughts and dreams come much easier than implimenting each idea, thought and dream. The question to ask is: Are we, as a church community, advancing the Kingdom of God or are we simply advancing our comfort zone?.