Monday, March 21

Seriously...It's not funny

Quit joking around guys...are you serious? Do we get a "re-do"?

I'm depressed...I know, most of you are disgusted at my emotional attachment to University of Kansas Jayhawks...but nevertheless, it still exists. After going 20-1, we blow up and completely disentigrate into a 3rd grade girls team. I'm nauseated. I'm angry.

As a fan, I say "WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR!". As a realist, I have to understand that we're graduating (at least that's one positive) 4 of our being a candidate for the most prestigious player award in college basketball: the Naismith Award.

This is unbelievable! I've received several calls...most have been polite. Not only do I sit and sulk in our defeat, the tourney moves on. I fight bitterness.

Now it's time to regroup...refocus. We are bringing in the top recruiting class in all of college basketball next year. A glimmer of hope still exists! Unlike programs such as UNC, Kentucky and Arizona...we don't have a "rebuilding years" (I'm giving myself a pep-talk). So, I tip my 40 to the lasting memories created by Keith, Aaron, Wayne and Mike...may their dynasty rest in peace.
Last Saturday the 12th we headed to Topeka for the day so David could check out some softball gear for the upcoming season. We had a great day of family time!

Hayden especially liked trying on the softball "hats" and carried this one the entire time we were in the store.

We went to Burger King for lunch and for the first time Hayden used one of America's most treasured condiments ... KETCHUP! He loved it and insisted on dipping his chicken tenders in ... eating only the ketchup ... and dipping some more!

Miss Gwen was off on Friday so I stayed home with Hayden and we had a fun day of playing basketball and soccer outside, going for walks, and eating lunch with daddy!

Hayden got the camera and showed us what a good photographer he is! This was the only one with him in it ... most of the pictures were of the floor ... we're keeping them, of course, but I'll just show you this one! :)

Saturday our good friends Ben and Kerianne came over and we grilled chicken and had a great cook-out, then watched "The Incredibles!" It was a great movie and was the first time Hayden actually watched tv for more than a few seconds! He only got to watch a little of it, though, because it was bedtime, but was enamored with what he did see! It was great to see "Uncle" Ben and Kerianne again ... it's been a long time since we've got to spend time with them!

Sunday was a great day of rest and family time ... and our evening service went really well! We've opened a nursery for the many "babies" that are under 1 and not as mobile (or loud) as the toddlers we have! Robin served in the baby nursery and we had two little ones in with her! The Lord has really blessed our church with many babies ... 5 under the age of 1 and so through this new room He is truly providing for a great need! The toddlers learned about Jesus' entry into Jerusalem and made palm leaves on paper plates and painted suncatchers! So cute!

During this "Passion" week, we pray that you experience the fullness and life-changing love and power of our Lord and Savior ... that if He is not a part of your life you will recognize and own His love for you and invite Him into your heart ... and if He is a part of your life that you feel His presence like never before and that you share Him with everyone you encounter!


Tuesday, March 15

So Much to Do ... So Little Time!

Like it surely is for most of you, life around the Kinnan house has been pretty busy! Here are some pics from weeks ago that we've not shared yet ... then we'll get to what's happening this week! :)

At the end of February, David had his last weekend of "Bowl for Kids' Sake" so Hayden and I went to my folks Saturday and Sunday. It was lots of fun and we got to visit Aunt Lara and Uncle Ryan and see Cousin Liz! Hayden had so much fun cuddling with Grandma and going for walks outside with Grandpa! Uncle Pete let him drive his truck (just kidding), and Uncle Kurt came home from KU so we got to see him, too! :) It was a great weekend and we're excited to see them again over spring break! This picture is hilarious because Hayden is playing "Peek-A-Boo" but he ALWAYS peeks to make sure you're still paying attention to him! HaHa!

Hayden has spent so much time watching Daddy play basketball that he's decided it's time for him to start shooting some hoops ... Daddy's giving him a little help but soon he'll be dunking them all by himself! :) He could seriously spend the ENTIRE day outside and it's a battle getting him back inside the house!

During our visit to Grandma and Grandpa Kinnan's in early March we got to see Ailee on her 2nd Birthday! She got a little tricycle and was so nice and let Hayden take it for a spin, too!

As you can see, we've been keeping ourselves busy but God is strengthining us and encouraging us through our journey of life. David's job at Big Brothers Big Sisters is going well and is finally beginning to slow down a little. He had the opportunity to preach last Sunday and has been encouraged by the response of the people in the congregation through their affirmations ... it was a moving sermon and I am proud of him for opening his heart up to what God touched his heart with to preach ... he listened to what God was prompting him to speak and the Lord has blessed so many through the words ... including us! I am so proud and thankful of and for the man of God that I get to share and enjoy my life with! Speaking of which ... our ANNIVERSARY was today and although we didn't get to spend the entire day together, it was great to get to be together at our very first evening of the new Bible Study at RLC, Biblican Concepts in Counseling ... which David and I are co-leading with another couple in our church, Barb and Tony. It is an amazing study on life and relationships and if you haven't heard of it before ASK US AND WE'LL TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT ... IT'S LIFE CHANGING!

For me, the semester has become pretty overwhelming just because the lesson planning + teaching + classroom management for seniors anxious to graduate + resume writing and sending + interviewing + KSU portfolio completetion = a seemingly stressful situation ... but I wasn't stressed long! Robin, our pastor's wife shared her translation of Philippians 4:6 ... "Don't be anxious, but take time to pray and be thankful, tell God what you need and you will feel better than you can even imagine, right in the middle of all this stress." Praise the Lord for Robin and the word of God that she shared with me. He has lifted the burden of stress and renewed my spirit and reminded me of my excitement and passion for teaching ... as well as my real mission for being there or anywhere, which is to love and encourage with His love and light. He has also blessed me through our RLC women's Bible Study on Wednesday evenings where we're covering the Fruits of the Spirit. "Grandma" Jean is leading it and she and the other ladies have really been an encouragement and inspiration to me ... I can't wait to go tomorrow!

Hayden is the happiest little guy in the world ... and the smartest ... he has gotten to the stage where he is an expert at almost ... nearly ... so close to touching something he knows he's not supposed to without actually touching it ... with his little tongue sticking out and all! Time-outs are still the norm and are working well ... he's really an easy going little guy and we are blessed to have such a playful and independent little man! We're enjoying every second of him and now that the weather has been nice (well it was until this week!) we've been spending a lot more family time outside ... playing basketball, of course! Last night we were sitting in the living room just hanging out and talking when he said "A-B-C-D-E!!!!!!!" We didn't know for sure if that's what he said but then he started saying it again ... how exciting! I asked Miss Gwen today if they'd been going over the alphabet a lot at her house during the days and she said no, so he must be picking it up from just the one or two times a night we say the "ABC's" in the bathtub ... pretty smart little guy, huh?! He's so spirited and so excited about learning and doing new things and, of course, testing the boundaries! We continue to pray for strength and guidance as we raise our little miracle!

Spring Break is next week!!!

How are you doing? Let us know! We want to hear about what's going on in your life!

Wednesday, March 2

A lesson learned…

I’m young, inexperienced and over-zealous…but I’m learning a lot. Here’s a peek as to what my mind and heart have grabbed a hold of in the past year or so:

Make yourself accountable
- To effectively advance a relationship, whether it be with God, your spouse or a co-worker, you must keep mind of your thoughts and actions. How easy is it for all of us to claim a relationship, yet even minor investment is sometimes absent. Does the relationship really exist if I don’t do anything? I have learned that an occasional audit of my actions and thoughts has helped me keep inventory of what I’m actually doing to further my relationships rather than merely stocking my shelves with news ones.

Flattery gets infected
- Flattery, not about appearance, but more about ideas, actions and thoughts…I’ve battled this temptation as long as I can remember. It made me feel good to flatter the thoughts, actions and ideas of others even when I didn’t think they were appropriate or necessary. Some entitle this as “people pleasing”. What have I learned? When you flatter, eventually you are forced to deal with circumstances that have derailed from the initial vision and focus. Essentially, my comments have become infected and extra attention is now necessary which then detracts me from the issues at hand. Truth at the beginning, though sometimes painful, will decrease the possibility of infection and further ailment. No, I don’t tell people their ideas are stupid, nor do I criticize my friends who try to help, but I’ve learned that “people pleasing” can lead to unfulfillment and bitterness.

Disorganized private world = Disillusionment
- Gordon MacDonald labels it as “Ordering Your Private World”. Whatever name you like, your world that nobody sees needs to be organized. I’ve learned to invest in 5 major categories: Motivation, Spiritual Strength, Time Management, Intellectual Development, and Restoration. Read Gordon’s book to get a proper grasp on the 5 categories. The point is "If my private world is in order, it will be because, having faced up to what drives me, I listen quietly for the call of Christ."

Live according to your means
- I want a HDTV projector with a 6’ x 8’ screen that lowers from the ceiling. I want a complete 6.1 surround sound system and cushy leather couch to enjoy while indulging in this entertainment. However…Hahaha…you expected the however, didn’t you? However, our financial income doesn’t support those dreams right now (notice the right now…I have yet to release this dream). I have learned how to operate under two principles: 1.) Give God your first fruits and 2.) manage your income in a Christ-like manner. A bill has never gone unpaid…we’ve never been “without”. You have to own the truth that God knows what we need more than we we HAVE to trust Him.

Let “LIFE” react to you
- Life will unfold because God designed it that way. Great things happen…Horrible things happen…the critical variable in this equation is our reaction. I’ve learned to praise God before the blessings are visible and I’ve learned to seek God’s provision before the pantry is empty. He is so faithful. Live life to it's attention to the changing of the seasons...listen to!

I've got a ton with me.