Saturday, July 31

The Battles Before Us...

Just a few days ago, two wars began in the Kinnan world. Both wars require sweat and determination...creativity and design. So far, the Kinnans are winning...however, their enemy is not far behind.

War #1: The Kinnans vs. The Yard
Overtaken by weeds, stones and shrubbery, The Yard has fired the first round at the Kinnans. With limited financial resources, the Kinnans have called out the troops in true hope that the war can be won!

Today, this 30th day of July, 2004...a battle has been won. Just as the sun was making itself known, David marched to the battlefield to attack with a vengence. Here are some pictures of the results (pictures not suited for those with weak stomachs).




A moment of silence is appropriate when viewing the above picture. Several limbs and leaves lost their lives in dedication to their trees and bushes. Remember them, for they fought a good fight.

The war continues...with weapons of chainsaws, rakes and mulch, victory is sure to be claimed by the Kinnan Family.

War #2: The Kinnans vs. The Fat
Most Americans are waging this same war. If you'd like to make money, just a pick a food group and write a book about how you should or shouldn't eat it. You don't need to be right...just be convencing. Seriously, of course a person would lose weight if they cut out every carb in their diet...but what happens to my morning bagel? My Panera sandwich? Come on...there must be a better way. Perhaps I should only consume the age of 35 when I figure out that Dr. Atkins was an unhealthy man who died of heart problems, I'll realize that there must be a better way. Maybe I should consume all the food groups 3-4 times a day with moderate portions? Who's gonna write that book?

Although the specific diet has yet to be agreed upon, the Kinnans have a new weapon against The Fat...(drum roll)

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold...THE GAZELLE!

You've probably seen the commericals with the short, ripped dude who adorns himself with a beautiful pony-tail. You know the guy...he yells pretty loud. THE GAZELLE retails at just about any local Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Target for $230 + tax. We purchased this highly lethal weapon at a garage sale for $40. If they only knew what they gave up!

As directed by General Katy, no "before" pictures will be posted on this web-site. However, the victorious march in late Fall/early Winter (dates still pending upon outcome of the war) will surely be displayed for your viewing pleasure.

As you rise from your sleep each morning, think of our family as we continue to wage war against such evil foes. Victory is in our reach, however our dedication and stamina will certainly be tested.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
David won his softball game on forfeit.
Record: 3 WINS/1 LOSS

Katy is gearing up for her last semester of classes. She'll start on August 18th. The Spring semester will be her opportunity to student teach.

Sunday evening will be our first time to gather with Real Life Church for a worship/prayer service. How exciting! Katy and I drove around the east side of Manhattan on Friday as we scouted places to meet. Be in prayer for that, we have outgrown the "basement".

This next weekend brings a new experience for David...a state softball tourney! Ask this to that going just a little too far?

That's it.

- Rev. DK
(Please note that no disrespect is meant towards the men and women who are currently defending our country in countries all over the world...some of whom I claim as dear friends.)

Wednesday, July 28

It's a Jungle Out There.

Although a popular saying for the chaos of the world ... my version describes something much closer to home. Our backyard, the jungle. At the start of summer we noticed some larger "plants" growing at the place where the yard slopes down, and thought this new greenery was pretty ... and free! These "pretty plants", however, grew into large weeds. Since our wildlife biologist friend Mark informed us that these pretty plants included, among other things, ragweed, we've decided they must go. I know, it sounds primitive that we allowed it to happen ... but with little time and even less money, we decided they weren't "that bad," but now, they must be destroyed!

For weeks I have been trying to tame the weeds and grass, picking up stone after stone from landscaping ventures of the past. It has been my mission this summer to clean it up, but I feel as though with every bush trimmed and every weed cut down, another ten come up. Today was one of the few days without rain for weeks, so I had a good time this morning working myself to exhaustion while Hayden napped. It will be cleaned. I will have victory over the ragweed. HaHa.

weeds ... bushes ... which is which? 

stones ... stones ... and more stones! 

On to other important goings-on around the Kinnan place ... David led our launch team meeting last night, and did a phenomenal job! God has truly gifted him with an amazing speaking ability, with so much wisdom, and he is such a man of God! I am so proud of him! We welcomed two new families into our Real Life Church family, one being our best buddies from Manhattan, Mark and Becky Neely! It is so great to share in this with such great friends! We are so thankful for the families that have answered God's call and joined us! Diane and Andy hosted our meeting, and made one of the best meals we have had in a long time ... she was a foods and nutrition major in college, and it was definitely obvious! :) Blueberry cheesecake ... yum! Please continue to be in prayer for Real Life Church!

Real Life Church 1 

Real Life Church 2 

David has a softball game tonight! We'll give you the stats tomorrow! :)

We Love You!

Tuesday, July 27

Who are you?

We are at "that point" now...the point when Katy and I would like to read about you. At the end of each daily "post", there is a link to "comment". If you have time, would you tell us doesn't have to be important...we'd just like to know who is visiting us. nada...Me llamo David...Hola...that's all the Spanish I know.





What a weekend! During an incredible service in Salina, Kansas, David was ordained as a pastor for the Wesleyan Church. With the amazing work of grace that God has done in our lives, it was easy to see the hand of God in this service.
We has such a great time seeing family and friends.

Before the actual ordination service, our church plant (Real Life Church) threw us a party to celebrate David's ordination along with the ordination of our Lead Pastor...Eric Norris.

In other news...
Just before the wonderful weekend of ordination, David finally received his diploma from IWU. Yes, for those of you who might already understand, IWU is now paid in they sent the piece of paper that represents 5 years of great times at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Our last story of the night...
We went to Abilene, Kansas this afternoon to enjoy some good family time. Katy's parents, sister, grandma, and our niece joined us as we took a tour of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Museum. It was incredible! We listened to actual conversations between JFK and IKE...L.B. Johnson and IKE. These phone conversations weren't about dinner plans...they discussed WW II and the Vietnam War. It was so exciting!

This is the tomb in which Dwight, his wife, and 4 year old son are buried.

This is President Eisenhower's home from the age of 8 until 21 (when we left to attend West Point).

This is the mother-of-all statues.

Jeff and Heather have been visiting us today now that we're back in Manhattan. It's so good to have family that you also consider to be friends!

David is leading the church plant Launch Team in tomorrow meeting.

As you can see, this blog will not consist of "paragraphs" or "unfragmented sentences".

For those of you who attending the ordination service...thank really meant a lot.

- DK & KK

Friday, July 23

Rainy Day. 

Today it was raining ... again, so Hayden and I have been playing inside and munching on animal crackers. An explosion of toys has rocked the living room but we're fine, and looking forward to the sun coming out (at least I am)!

May God's light brighten your day, today!

Wednesday, July 21

Watering the "Plant"

Well ... a different kind of plant than we're used to ... the rain is taking care of those in our yard ... we're talking about Real Life Church, the church plant that we are so excited, thankful, and blessed to be a part of! This week we have had the opportunity to gather with those from the core leadership twice already, and have truly enjoyed the fellowship! Last night was our weekly "Launch Team", or core group meeting. The group has grown from less than ten people to over twenty, and it is unimaginable how perfectly God is bringing everything together ... He is perfect and God is moving in a real way!

At the launch team meeting, Pastor Pat from Westview Community Church, our current church who is partnering with plant came and gave us some encouraging information about Westview. They intend supporting us in a number of ways, and their "jumping on board" with us is such an answer to prayer! The meeting was encouraging ... we are enjoying the opportunity to meet and fellowship with people with such hearts for missions and church planting ... and a genuine and deep love for the Lord. We are becoming a family, and David and I are so thankful for what the Lord is doing in both our lives, and Real Life Church!

This evening we gathered at Jenna and Derrick's, two RLC launch team members for a surprise birthday party for RLC's pastor, Eric Norris. It was again another time of great fellowship, fun, lots of food ... and dessert! :)

Please be in prayer as we continue to gather, that God will give us wisdom and guidance as He directs us to the next steps in the process of planting His church. We want His will to be done ... and your prayers of great value in making that happen!

Thought for the day:

In my devotions this morning, I read Ephesians 3 ... and specifically studied verses 14-20 ... where Paul prays and asks God to help the church at Ephesus reach a deeper appreciation of Jesus' love;

"For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom his whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name. I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, and so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge -
that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God."

These words really resonated with me, and I think a lot of it has to do with the journey that we are embarking on with Real Life Church. I know that God cherishes me ... I hope that you know that He cherishes you ... because He does. This verse, as many other verses in the Bible testify to His love for you and me ... but sometimes it's hard to truly feel in our hearts what we know in our minds. It's so beautiful ... special ... encouraging, when we begin to understand "how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ" ... by owning that, and believing it in our hearts and minds, living each day with that truth; that is when we are truly changed.

I pray that you, that I, that Real Life Church and others that we are all ministering to daily in whatever capacity are able to own that love ... to value it ... to share it ... to be it. By accepting the unconditional, genuine love of our Savior, we are able to become all that He has created us to be ... how amazing is that!?

And now ... more vacation pictures!

David was preparing for the ride of his life ... you've never been tubing until you do it with Tom Kinnan in the driver's seat ... extreme tubing!

He may dish it out, but he can definitely take it, too! Tom put Jeff and David to shame! :)

The cell phone...they found it ... and they know how to use it! Hayden and Ailee had so much fun together, and the rest of us were entertained for the week!

The Semple's 
What a great picture! We had a great time with Jeff, Heather, and Ailee!

Tuesday, July 20


Tuesday isn't even close to Friday! I read somewhere that a person needs 2 consecutive weeks of vacation...the first being time to unwind...the second being a time to "re-string" your mind. I think I agree. Taking last week off just wasn't adequate.

Katy and I have our weekly "Launch Team" meeting tonight. We've hooked up some childcare during the meeting which will certainly help us focus a little better. I'm right in the middle of reading Phil Stevenson's "The Ripple Church". It's about established churches planting new churches out of themselves. Great read so far!

I'm having fun connecting to old friends from college through their blog sites. What a great tool!

*Notice the changes to our site*
1. Rather than post an unending list of links, we'll present a "Top 5" each week.
2. DK is creating links to different articles of his. Comment on them if you'd like.
3. More blog links of our friends are being added...if you'd like your site added...send us the link.

You know...when you ask God for peace, He always gives it in abundance. I've needed peace lately. If you need peace...maybe some clarity...ask God...He knows how to give it. I keep thinking about Psalm 71...great words!


Sunday, July 18

We're back!

Last Monday we arrived at our vacation destination: Lake Latawana, MO! After a weekend in Kansas City preparing for the trip, we got to finally relax and enjoy ourselves! There were many great qualities about this particular area and lake house that David can tell you about, but my personal favorite part of the locale was the Target we saw on the way there. (NO vacation is complete without a trip to Target!)  :)
This was the place...our lake house for the entire week. A member of mom and dad's church generously offered it to us for the week, and what a wonderful place to relax and be refreshed!  We didn't spend anytime in an office.  We didn't do any lawn work.  There were no concerns for a week!
Not only did we have a FREE lake house for the week.  Unlimited usage of a ski boat... 

and a pontoon boat were made available for our family...ABSOLUTELY FREE!
Someone should write a book entitled "The Art of Tubing" because I just don't have it mastered.  Do you put your weight into the turn or away from it?  Do you sit on your knees or your belly?  Do you validate your health insurance before or on the way to the ER?  Okay, it didn't get to that point...actually, we had a ton of fun!  Hayden even took a ride with daddy as the boat went the "little boy speed".

As for the pontoon boat, Hayden didn't enjoy his first ride.  It was about 90 degrees and the life-jacket essentially covered his entire body.  So, there weren't a lot of smiles coming from his little mouth. 

However...with some new shades...and a different boat (ski boat), Hayden found his zone! This is also Hayden "post-hair-cut" ... David played barber and gave Hayden this great new "do"! He looks like such a little boy ... he's growing up so fast!

Dinner is always a joyous time in the Kinnan household, especially when Cousin Ailee (I-lee) is there to join us! They had a great time playing during the week, and I'm sure there will be some adjusting to play time without her.

Bedtime isn't "right" without a good story from Grandma Kinnan.  Those pictures must have been very interesting. 

Ailee was more of a fan for the pontoon boat...actually...she was more interested in experiencing the water below.  Uncle Jeff spent a lot of time "discouraging" Ailee from jumping in.

Our vacation was incredible...especially the price.  Total cost:  $42 (gas and food to and from lake house)
Now, I'm experiencing "post-vacation" depression as the responsibilty of returning to work just doesn't excite me.  Just one more week on the water would've been nice.
Oh well...we're all rejuvinated and ready to go.
I'm getting ordained this next Sunday on July 25th!  Before leaving the ministry, I don't believe an ordination would have meant as much as it will next week.  Now that I'm back...I'll value it's purpose.  It's been a great journey so far...what lies ahead only brings excitement to mind!
Burnt to a crisp (too manly for sunscreen),
DK and KK

(More pictures on the way!)

Friday, July 9

Can You Ever Have Too Many Pictures?

Absolutely not! So, I'm playing around on the computer before we leave, and I couldn't resist posting a few of my most favorite photos.

We hope you have a beautiful week and we'll talk to you soon!

God Bless,

Thursday, July 8

Vacation, Here We Come!

The house is clean. The bags are packed. We are ready to go! It has been over a year since our last REAL vacation, and we are so excited! David is finishing up his packing ... or laying out the clothes he wants me to pack after I arrange my many years' supply of clothes just right so there's enough room in the suitcase for his. I'll get them to fit someway, somehow. We'll be gone for a little over a week, but it is my strong belief that one can never be too prepared. :)

David has one request for this blog ... he'd like me to post pictures of our new car that God has blessed us with. It's a 2005 Nissan Altima, but what made the difference for me was the 4-year warranty ... I love that! :) It's a beautiful, comfortable, reliable car and we are so thankful! Since Hayden's pictures were added already, it's ok with me ... a little weird, but ok ... haha.

I talked to my sister, Lara today, and she was going to pick up the newest pictures of Liz that were taken a few months ago. She's so precious! I'll see if we can put those on soon, too!

I'd like to say that we'll be thinking about you next week ... but I don't know if we'll be thinking about anything ... we'll probably be in a happy daze from being in the sun all day ... but know that you are always in our hearts and we love you!

God Bless!


Wednesday, July 7

July 4th Traditions

Since David has updated you on what went on yesterday, I'm going to talk about our "family time" this weekend. Here are some of the pictures we took on the 4th. We spent the holiday at home relaxing, and enjoying one another. Being the scrapbooker that I am, I was hoping for a family photo, but my arms are too short to take one of the three of us, and David is so tall my head always gets cut off if we try to take them ourselves. I'll survive! :)

After church in the morning we came home and relaxed, eating a light lunch to save ourselves for grilling in the evening. Although it was waaaay past Hayden's bedtime, we decided to go to Cico Park not far from our house to watch the fireworks with the rest of Manhattan. It was great and this being one of our first holidays we've spent at home, we're enjoying the chance to start fun traditions.

Today I unleashed my cleaning beast. Only a few days until we leave for vacation, and I have cleaned like I've never cleaned before. We absolutely cannot wait to have a week away, and are excited for the rest and relaxation ...

God Bless!


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the 2004 DEJAwestVIEW men's softball team obtain their first "W" last night versus Grace Baptist. We were incredible! Our short-stop from last year was on a 2-week leave from his job, so he decided to play with us for a game. Perhaps you're asking, "What is his job? Oh, you're not. I'll tell you anyways...he's a soldier defending our country in Iraq. How awesome is that! I had a ton of questions for him.

Well, not only was it a sweet victory, but we ended the game early as the score reached 14-3 during the bottom of the 5th inning. For those who aren't familiar with softball rules, once a team creates a gap of at least 10 runs after the 4th inning...the game is then called with the victorious team having the most runs. It's all about fairness, so we don't want teams getting beat "too badly".

Last night we had our weekly "Launch Team" meeting for our church plant. Katy presented an opening devotional that was so good. I married a wonderful woman of God.

The church plant continues to exude excitement and zeal in the hearts of many people. Our launch team has almost doubled in just 2 weeks! We discussed what Scripture says about the make-up of a church. I enjoy going back to the basics. As an assignment for everyone, we all have to be prepared to either 1.) share a 3 minute testimony, 2.) share a 3 minute version of the vision for Real Life Church, or 3.) share a 3 minute interpretation of the mission of the church. Each new person who joins our launch team will hear all three of these 3-minute talks from different people on the launch team. By doing this, everyone will have an appropriate understanding of our church's vision, mission, and a personal'll be engrained in their hearts...ownership, if you will.

The countdown until vacation: 2 days
The countdown until ordination: 18 days
The countdown until the end of the world: 274 days (ha ha ha, Ha Ha Ha, HA HA HA)

- DK

Sunday, July 4

Still relaxing!

Grandma and Grandpa Kerby came for a July 4th visit yesterday. Great Grandpa Kerby even joined them for the ride! We shot off some little fireworks for Hayden...he seemed to enjoy the inside a little better...especially this bowl.

Teresa (Mom & Grandma) brought her famous homemade potato salad. Let me just say that when one is eating this delectable salad, the entire universe stops and gazes upon your experience because of how good it really is. Absolutely incredible! I had way too much.

Today is pure relaxation...the chicken is marinading in a mixture that was invented "during the process". If it tastes good...I'll take the credit...if not, I'm a dead man.

Since our church plant hasn't started meeting for a worship service, we still attend Westview Community Church. This morning was Pastor Pat Bennett's first Sunday as the senior pastor. Up until this point, he has been the executive pastor...however, Pastor David Thompson's last Sunday has now passed. He will now be an instructor at KSU. Pat's message was excellent. I think the church is receiving him well. His series is: Part 1 - Being the Church, Part 2 - Birthing the Church, Part 3 - Building the Church. I'm interested to see how it all unfolds. The series will take us into the late Fall.

Golf is on...I need to go cheer against Tiger.

Happy Independence Day!


Friday, July 2

Thanks, Brandon, for the picture help! Hayden T. Kinnan. He is now just over 10 months old and we are learning so much about life through him! Bath times are normally his favorite time of the day because he gets to splash around and talk to his rubber ducky. Why isn't it okay for me to do the same?

Katy and I had our final meeting with the DBMD (District Board of Ministerial Development) yesterday. Technically, although already reported in a previous blog, my ordination is now official. I gave instructions as to what should be inscribed onto my "pastor's Bible" and what should be printed onto my certificate. I went old school: my Bible will say "Rev. D.M. Kinnan". How cool is that! I even get to pick who prays over me...I've selected my dad! I think my Grandpa might even have an opportunity to be a part of the ceremony as well! Oh what a great heritage!

I have today off work...and Monday as well. I started the morning off with a 6am breakfast with some men from our church @ 8am...nap @ Hayden as mommy sleeps @ with mommy @ 8pm. I love extra days off!

Vacation is in one week!

- Kinnan out

That sounds stupid.

More tomorrow,