Sunday, July 4

Still relaxing!

Grandma and Grandpa Kerby came for a July 4th visit yesterday. Great Grandpa Kerby even joined them for the ride! We shot off some little fireworks for Hayden...he seemed to enjoy the inside a little better...especially this bowl.

Teresa (Mom & Grandma) brought her famous homemade potato salad. Let me just say that when one is eating this delectable salad, the entire universe stops and gazes upon your experience because of how good it really is. Absolutely incredible! I had way too much.

Today is pure relaxation...the chicken is marinading in a mixture that was invented "during the process". If it tastes good...I'll take the credit...if not, I'm a dead man.

Since our church plant hasn't started meeting for a worship service, we still attend Westview Community Church. This morning was Pastor Pat Bennett's first Sunday as the senior pastor. Up until this point, he has been the executive pastor...however, Pastor David Thompson's last Sunday has now passed. He will now be an instructor at KSU. Pat's message was excellent. I think the church is receiving him well. His series is: Part 1 - Being the Church, Part 2 - Birthing the Church, Part 3 - Building the Church. I'm interested to see how it all unfolds. The series will take us into the late Fall.

Golf is on...I need to go cheer against Tiger.

Happy Independence Day!


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