Monday, April 9

We're Back!

So much has gone on in the last several months, and we have finally sat down long enough to post some pictures! Sorry for the delay! :-) We'll start from the most recent and work our way back!

Easter: We had an incredible Easter, spending time at church and with family! As Hayden grows it is such an amazing experience to have the privilege of sharing the story of God's love for us!The pictures include Hayden's happy face after Great-Grandma Bush sent him a new stuffed pal ... then decorating eggs ... and the hunt for goodies!

Family Time: We've had a blast at home (before the recent freeze!) practicing our tee-ball skills, riding our bike, and even sliding at the park with cousin Ailee!

Bass Pro Shop: There's a new Bass Pro Shop in Olathe, so during our last visit we spent quite awhile there - it was such fun, and we have some beautiful boats on our wish list now! :-)

KEEN Conference: This was by far one of the most memorable moments in my very short professional career! It was two days of meeting and sharing with educators from across the state, and I even got to meet the Lt. Governor!

Graduate School Update!: David has thrown his hat in the ring of graduate school students, so we have been hanging out on the couch with laptops after our little guy goes to bed. By the time we're through, I think both of us should earn two degrees, as we look to one another to "spark" ideas when we're having writers block! It's going to be exciting to go through the experience together, going to two schools in two different states from our own home! We LOVE online classes!