Saturday, December 23

It's over

For almost 3 years I've wanted to type: "I'm done working at Big Brothers Big Sisters". Well, I'm done working at Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Saturday, December 9

Man of the Month: Bing Crosby

Road Trip...
It's almost been a month since we last seems like a lot of blogs are struggling to update more than once a month. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the travelling enters warp speed.

Since our last post, we travelled to Marion, Indiana to celebrate Thanksgiving with both sets of my grandparents and extended family. We look forward to this trip every year...our family is fun.

Last Month...
When December 1st came, that meant I was officially in my last month at Big Brothers Big words explain the good emotions we're all feeling about this.

Unexpected News...
Many of you know this, but a couple of weeks ago my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Shocked...stunned...scared...sad...shocked again....all emotions we've felt. Now, we know that cancer is unfortunately a part of life for a large majority of people. We also have a peace that our Lord is a part of these circumstances and He'll definitely take care of my mom, but that doesn't erase the natural emotions of fear and shock that anyone would feel.

We're in the "waiting period"...wondering what is next in regards to appointments, treaments an solutions. Many of you have e-mailed and called...some calls I haven't returned just yet...give me some time :)

So...please pray for my mom.

Horizon Award...
The Kansas Department of Education has an award given to a first year teacher who has shown outstanding perfermance. My wife just received unofficial news that she will be one of the recipients of the award. In February, she'll travel to Topeka so she can recognized for being the best teacher in the entire world...yeah...the entire world. (To me, anyway!). If you look at the numbers, Katy has been deemed one of the best new teachers out a pool of thousands of teachers!

I believe we have 5 or 6 Christmas that weird?

I hope you're enjoying the season...if you're like me, you've got the "All Christmas Music" station programed in your've doctored up your MySpace to reflect snowflakes...and you've already had more Christmas cookies and candies than you'd care to admit.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas,

Friday, November 17


Time cherishing every minute of it! Hayden has continued to amaze us with his countless words and neverending chatter that makes our hearts leap with excitement, and he is (finally) out of the pull-ups (during the day, anyway), and loving his THOMAS the TRAIN undies! His favorite things right now (other than preschool and his new movie CARS) include lining his cars up on the fireplace, riding the Gazelle, being a handyman and jumping in leaves! He's also very proud of his new big boy bed! :-)

Friday, November 3

a good read...

Check this out "In Touch with Jesus" ... HERE

Make sure to leave a comment about the article here on our site.

Thursday, November 2

The Season

It's 9:20 pm here on my couch (and many other places). I just turned to ESPN to catch the last quarter of the West Virginia - Louisville football game (two incredibly good, undefeated teams playing each other). Katy is with a co-worker/friend getting fitted for a bridesmaid dress and Hayden is in bed. Abby (our dog that I wish would run away) is asleep at the other end of the couch.

Everything seems normal, doesn't it?

Let me rewind about 140 minutes to what I believe to have been a monumental moment which will culminate in April...yes, just over 2 hours ago my beloved Kansas University Men's Basketball Team launched their season of inevitable triumph against a local university. Folks, college basketball is here!

Rather than systematically break down how incrediblely good my Jayhawks are this year, I believe this year's statement will be made as my team takes over the world. However, because of some recent taunting by family and friends, I think it's necessary to directly address some of you who have been led astray by evil.

UNC Fans - You define're probably a Lakers or Bulls fan too.
Hoosier Fans - Candycane pants...seriously, I'm hurt for you.
KSU Fans (that's Kansas State to everyone outside of Manhattan) - 3 words: Little Man syndrome

I think that covers everyone who has yet to see the light of goodness.

There is one key concept to grab ahold of if you wish to enjoy some of the greatest things in life. If you want the best pizza, go to where it was invented. If you want the best buffalo wings, go to where they were invented. If you want to watch the best basketball in the world, go to where it was invented. Where was basketball invented, you Kansas University by Dr. James Naismith. We invented it and perfected it. North Carolina, Indiana and everywhere else...all you can do is learn from us.

I welcome any comments, questions or theological debates about this issue. Please know that in the end, I'm right.

Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk...Go KU!

Trick or Treat!

We had a great time on Tuesday ... Hayden went to a pumpkin patch with his preschool, and then we went to the mall to show off Bob the Builder! Hayden got some great treats in his little toolbox!

Here some more pics from our visit to Kerby Farms!

Monday, October 30

Kerby Farms

A few weeks ago we enjoyed a morning of fun at the Kerby Farms, my aunt and uncle's exciting fall business with a pumpkin patch, corn maze, craft shop and even hay rides! Hayden had a great time playing with cousin Liz!

Tuesday, October 24


It's official. Katy will start her Master's in Educational Administration and Leadership in January at the "Teacher's College."

Katy was recently awared the "Horizon Award" from her district of 6,500+ students! The award is a Kansas State Department of Education program that recognizes "exemplary first-year teachers who complete their first year in a way that distinguishes them as outstanding!" She will represent her district as her nomination is considered by regional selectional committes that correspond to the state's congressional districts. How cool is that!?

Saturday, October 21

Jayhawk Basketball

On Friday the 13th we let Hayden spend an evening with Papa and Nana and we headed to Lawrence for LATE NIGHT IN THE PHOG! We got a pretty incredible "seat" right in front of the locker room, and then in one of the "tunnels" leading into the gym! David got autograph's of EVERY guy on the roster, and even got to meet the "man" himSELF! It was incredible, and perfect for the #1 fan! We're pretty sure Coach Self will be calling David up for some tips this season! :)

Tuesday, October 10


We enjoyed another tradition of ours ... pumpkins! We went to the Eastside Market in Manhattan and got our little pumpkin family for the fall!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk ... KU

We went to Lawrence this weekend for the KU vs. A&M football game ... it was a great family time (minus the last quarter where KU gave the game away!) ... we were thankful for the chance to have this weekend away to indulge in a family tradition! :)

Tuesday, September 5

Happy Birthday, Hayden!

Yes ... our little guy's 3rd Birthday has come and gone ... and what an incrediblly exciting and busy day it was! Hayden is the most precious three year old to ever grace the earth ... and we partied in style at his Bob the Builder party! Homemade Tonka truck cookies and Oreo "dirt" ... two of Hayden's favorite things provided the sugar rush, but first we munched on BBQ beef sandwiches and lots of yummy side dishes! It was a great inside picnic (it rained all day) with family and friends, and it's such an honor to be able to see our little baby grow in to a little boy! Our prayer continues to be that God continues to give us wisdom as we parent and that Hayden grows to know and love the Lord as his personal savior ... we are looking forward to all of the tomorrows with our little boy with anxious anticipation!!!!!!!!!!!

As soon as I get on the computer that the pics are on I'll post them - they're ADORABLE!

A new chapter about to begin...

We were/are comfortable. Working the equivalent of 3 full-time jobs certainly has provided a financially comfortable situation for our family. It's been fun to eliminate out whenever the desire popped in our reliable vehicles...yada, yada, yada.

Life is about to change...

Today, after an incredible amount of prayer and discussions prodded by God Himself, I resigned my position at Big Brothers Big Sisters. Of the three jobs we have, it brought home the most $$$. Katy and I have had many discussions about this moment with the most realistic thoughts occurring last December. However, we couldn't find the honest peace we were asking God to provide.

After a unexpected and somewhat embarrassing conversation (crying) at Cracker Barrel (of all places) with a great man in our heart was challenged to re-evaluate my employment at BBBS. So, we did. God spoke through two variables: a consistent lack of fulfillment and unexpected people.

So now the resignation has been submitted and I'll conclude my employment in 3 months (I need to finish the start-up of some projects while training people to keep them running). December will a month that I have longed for...after exactly 4 years, I will re-enter full time ministry. If you don't know the entire story, just ask.

For those of you who have remained close and encouraging during these past four years, I'll never be able to express how important it has been for me and my family to lean on your shoulders. I feel as though I'm about to turn around and look at the mountain I just climbed...see the beginning point and feeling the satisfaction of reaching the top and descending with a bucket full of life lessons.

If you pray...pray that I always reference these past 4 years...I never want to become the pastor who only connects with the "Sunday people". Please pray that Katy and I trust God in all an American, this was a stupid decision. As a Christian called to pastor, this was the only decision.

So...I'll probably be as absent as normal from this blog, but I thought you would appreciate an update.

Believing in my God's sovereignty,

Monday, August 21

First Day of School!

Today was a very special day, because not only did we send our little guy off to preschool, we also celebrated Pete's first day of college! What an exciting day it has been!

David and I brought Hayden to his preschool this morning, and our very independent little man was ready for us to leave so that he could play with his friends! He had an incredible day, and got to ride the bus home, which he absolutely loved! The aide on the bus said that he didn't stop talking the entire ride!

Pete didn't miss a class, and managed to find all of them! He's enjoying KSU and we're excited for all that he'll experience in the next four (or five) years! BBQ from Famous Dave's helped us to commemorate the exciting day!

Lions, and Tigers and Bears ...

We had a great time at the zoo with Grandma Kerby and cousin Liz! It was a beautiful morning and a fun day of talking to the animals! Grandma let each of them choose something from the gift shop ... Liz got a pink flamingo, and Hayden got a cheetah-print truck! (surprise, surprise)! :-)

Saturday, August 12

Time at the Zoo and Back to School!

This past Monday was my very last day of "summer," and my folks came down to deliver a new swingset, and to take Hayden to the zoo! Cousin Liz joined us and it was a great time! Pictures to come shortly ...

Back to school on Tuesday, and my classroom has everything but the students! I managed to get everything in there and organized in record time! Whew!

Tuesday, August 1

Praise Gathering 2006

Life has been speeding by us since we arrived home. Friday and Saturday we took part in the Bible Concepts in Counseling Retreat, Sunday morning David preached at nearby Clay Center Wesleyan for a vacationing Pastor Mike, and Sunday night thru Wednesday we're in Salina for our district Praise Gathering!

This week has been an extraordinary time of fellowship and a time to rejoice in the Lord and how He is moving in the lives of those in Kansas! Dr. Pence has delivered some incredibly energizing messages as well!

Monday, July 31

Sunday, July 30

Home, Sweet Home!

We returned safely from vacation; rested and tan! We got in Friday morning and had a retreat for our Biblical Concepts in Counseling study we facilitate with another couple at RLC - we finished today and it was an incredible time and a great ending to the 11-week study.

Hayden was thrilled to be back home with his bike and basketball goal, although he was disappointed that his pool is so much smaller than the one he spent last week in - he kept saying "No little pool ... I want my big pool!" Abby has been even more clingy, but we don't mind, and my plants are still alive after a 13 days of 100-degree plus weather, so that's a plus, too!

Tomorrow is a full day - David is preaching for a vacationing pastor at nearby Clay Center Wesleyan, then off to Salina for the Kansas District of the Wesleyan Church Praise Gathering until Wednesday ...

What an incredible God that we serve that He would provide for a vacation to help us escape the business of the world and rest in Him ... and prepare our hearts and spirits and bodies for the weeks to come (the countdown for school has begun: I have 9 more days).

Pictures will follow shortly ... We're still unpacking to repack ... :)

Saturday, July 15

Vacation, Here We Come!

West Palm Beach, Flordia


While we were at mom and dad's, there was a HUGE storm! The northeast part of Kansas always seems to get hit the worst with thunderstorms, but it wasn't too bad. We actually sat outside at first and watched the storms form around us because the air was so fresh and cool ... much better than in town ... I miss that!