Monday, August 21

First Day of School!

Today was a very special day, because not only did we send our little guy off to preschool, we also celebrated Pete's first day of college! What an exciting day it has been!

David and I brought Hayden to his preschool this morning, and our very independent little man was ready for us to leave so that he could play with his friends! He had an incredible day, and got to ride the bus home, which he absolutely loved! The aide on the bus said that he didn't stop talking the entire ride!

Pete didn't miss a class, and managed to find all of them! He's enjoying KSU and we're excited for all that he'll experience in the next four (or five) years! BBQ from Famous Dave's helped us to commemorate the exciting day!


Jodi said...

Oh my gosh - what a cute little man! I can't even believe he's going to school!

Holly said...

He looks so grown up! You have busing for preschool?? How lucky are you?