Tuesday, September 5

A new chapter about to begin...

We were/are comfortable. Working the equivalent of 3 full-time jobs certainly has provided a financially comfortable situation for our family. It's been fun to eliminate debt...eat out whenever the desire popped in our heads...drive reliable vehicles...yada, yada, yada.

Life is about to change...

Today, after an incredible amount of prayer and discussions prodded by God Himself, I resigned my position at Big Brothers Big Sisters. Of the three jobs we have, it brought home the most $$$. Katy and I have had many discussions about this moment with the most realistic thoughts occurring last December. However, we couldn't find the honest peace we were asking God to provide.

After a unexpected and somewhat embarrassing conversation (crying) at Cracker Barrel (of all places) with a great man in our church...my heart was challenged to re-evaluate my employment at BBBS. So, we did. God spoke through two variables: a consistent lack of fulfillment and unexpected people.

So now the resignation has been submitted and I'll conclude my employment in 3 months (I need to finish the start-up of some projects while training people to keep them running). December will a month that I have longed for...after exactly 4 years, I will re-enter full time ministry. If you don't know the entire story, just ask.

For those of you who have remained close and encouraging during these past four years, I'll never be able to express how important it has been for me and my family to lean on your shoulders. I feel as though I'm about to turn around and look at the mountain I just climbed...see the beginning point and feeling the satisfaction of reaching the top and descending with a bucket full of life lessons.

If you pray...pray that I always reference these past 4 years...I never want to become the pastor who only connects with the "Sunday people". Please pray that Katy and I trust God in all this...as an American, this was a stupid decision. As a Christian called to pastor, this was the only decision.

So...I'll probably be as absent as normal from this blog, but I thought you would appreciate an update.

Believing in my God's sovereignty,


Kim and Joel said...

Thank you once again for your vulnerability. I have recently changed jobs and I know that is is a difficult decision. However, when God is prodding and calling-there is nothing else to do but obey. I am so proud of you (sorry if that sounds weird) as well as of Katy and where God has lead you. He is truly an awesome and faithful God. Your story is very significant to me and I appreciate it and your faithfulness to keeping it in the forefront of who you are as a person and as a pastor. We wish you and your family all the blessings through this change. God is faithful in continuing His work in your lives. We look forward to seeing where that work leads.

Anonymous said...

God bless you and your obedience! God is in control and His grace is never ending and abundant!