Tuesday, September 5

Happy Birthday, Hayden!

Yes ... our little guy's 3rd Birthday has come and gone ... and what an incrediblly exciting and busy day it was! Hayden is the most precious three year old to ever grace the earth ... and we partied in style at his Bob the Builder party! Homemade Tonka truck cookies and Oreo "dirt" ... two of Hayden's favorite things provided the sugar rush, but first we munched on BBQ beef sandwiches and lots of yummy side dishes! It was a great inside picnic (it rained all day) with family and friends, and it's such an honor to be able to see our little baby grow in to a little boy! Our prayer continues to be that God continues to give us wisdom as we parent and that Hayden grows to know and love the Lord as his personal savior ... we are looking forward to all of the tomorrows with our little boy with anxious anticipation!!!!!!!!!!!

As soon as I get on the computer that the pics are on I'll post them - they're ADORABLE!


Jodi said...

Great new format!!! I love that bookmark thing!

Jodi said...

HOW FUN! I love Bob the Builder! What a great idea!