Friday, June 23

The God of Healing!

On Thursday, June 22nd, we had a monumental day ... one that I will never forget. The sun was shining, we spent all morning at the park ... it started much like any other day ... until our doctor's appointment at 1:50pm. Let me explain ...

Hayden has some minor speech delays. Wanting to do all that we could to ensure we give him every opportunity, David and I consulted a speech pathologist in the Infant-Toddler program this past winter. After some meetings, they suggested we go to an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor) for a hearing test to see if his ears may be a part of the speech troubles. In April we took him for his first visit, and although he passed the hearing screening in both ears, the right ear had fluid it in and the doctor prescribed antibiotics. We met for the second visit in May and the fluid was still there, which concerned the doctor because the antibiotics didn't work. We discussed options, and the doctor said that tubes would be necessary.

On this, our third visit, we were to plan the details of the unavoidable procedure to put tubes in our little guy's ears. We'd been praying that the God's will would be done ... we've got medical bills that have seemed to pile up lately (mostly mine), and our humanness was at times getting the best of us as we were feeling a bit overwhelmed by the thought of yet another medical bill. So ... Hayden and I went in (David was at work) and sat in the coolest waiting room ever - so conducive for kids ... before we knew it we were in a room with the doctor and nurse. He quickly went over what needed to be decided about the procedure, but first said that he'd check Hayden's ears just one more time. He stepped back and looked at the chart ... looked at me ... and said that the fluid was ALL GONE ... he looked in Hayden's ear again and seemed dumbfounded. I was overwhelmed with excitement and praise, and when he said that this was one in a million, I explained that we had many praying, and God blessed us with that! We Praise the Lord and thank Him for the opportunity to experience a true testimony of healing!

That was long ... sorry! We're just so excited!

Tuesday, June 20

Beep, Beep!

Last Saturday was a day that will live in infamy at the Kinnan house: Hayden saw his very first movie in the theater ... CARS!

Although we went to the 12:00 showing and his nap time begins promptly at 1pm (he prefers it to be prompt, any way) Hayden did an incredible job of behaving, even though this exciting movie about Hayden's first love (besides daddy and mommy, of course) had some not-so-thrilling times! David and I enjoyed it, and Hayden managed to get some shut-eye during some slow parts. All in all it was a great movie and worth the money (no charge for Hayden), but probably one that will be better at home when Hayden can watch it while playing with his own cars.

Wednesday, June 14

On Sunday after church (where David preached an incredibly spirit-filled and enlightening message ... we'll have to try to get it online for you to hear!) we went out to eat with some of the young adults ... although we got home late, we made time for the all-important nightly bedtime story!

On Tuesday uncle Kurt came to visit! We have had a great time, and had a little party on Tuesday evening as we hosted a barbeque with him and the Neely's! Hayden was very, very excited about the corn!

We're excited because Friday uncle Pete and Papa and Grandma Kerby will be coming down because Pete will be enrolling for Fall classes at KSU! Go Wildcats!

I've been spending Hayden's naptimes working on little "projects," from scrapbooking to today's special one ... a FREE end table with funny paint that I sanded, painted, and put in its new place before our little guy woke up from his nap! I'm a woman on a mission to get stuff done, and it's been so much fun! I'll show pics soon!

Friday, June 9

Summer Fun!

He's Back!

On Tuesday, Hayden and I headed to my parents house to help them welcome my brother Kurt home from his semester in Europe! After walking up and down the terminal at KCI, drinking Starbuck's, and checking our watches over and over ... his plane finally landed!

Speaking of checking watches, Kurt wanted to figure out how long he'd been awake - 26 hours! Really, though, he probably hasn't gotten much sleep this semester ... although he went to school at Stirling University in Scotland, he had the opportunity to visit Prague, and London several times to see our aunt, uncle, and cousins, not to mention all of the incredible sights throughout Scotland!

Family photo, then time to go eat! Kurt was dying to have Chipotle!

Toddler Time!

After visiting Grandma and Papa Kerby's, we headed down to Nana and Papa Kinnan's for a visit, and to give Ailee a break from all that hard work of being a big sister! We spent most of our time at the park ... more specifically, on the slide! We had so much fun and wore ourselves out! I have never been so exhausted ... being a toddler is hard work, but I had so much fun with our very energetic little toddlers!

Sunday, June 4

Family Time

On Tuesday evening we left for Nana and Papa Kinnan's, and got to see Big Papa and Nana Kinnan too!

We played on Papa's piano ...

Got a horsey ride ...

Played in the sprinkler ...

Had a great barbeque ...

Saw a hot-air balloon ...

And got a new baby cousin! Bella Rose was born on Friday evening!

Aunt Katy with Bella

So Much To Talk About!

Before Hayden's big ringbearer debut, he got his very first "professional" haircut from an incredible young lady in our church, Amanda. She works at the coolest place in town, CRIMPERS, and made a home visit to tame Hayden's hair for his big day! He did so well, and loved playing with the spray bottle. Thanks, Amanda ... it looks great!

The weekend of Ben and Kerianne's wedding we had a very special visitor come, although we didn't get to spend as much time with him as we would have liked to. Uncle Pete paid us a visit and Hayden had a great time relaxing with him on the couch. Come visit again soon!