Friday, June 9

Summer Fun!

He's Back!

On Tuesday, Hayden and I headed to my parents house to help them welcome my brother Kurt home from his semester in Europe! After walking up and down the terminal at KCI, drinking Starbuck's, and checking our watches over and over ... his plane finally landed!

Speaking of checking watches, Kurt wanted to figure out how long he'd been awake - 26 hours! Really, though, he probably hasn't gotten much sleep this semester ... although he went to school at Stirling University in Scotland, he had the opportunity to visit Prague, and London several times to see our aunt, uncle, and cousins, not to mention all of the incredible sights throughout Scotland!

Family photo, then time to go eat! Kurt was dying to have Chipotle!

Toddler Time!

After visiting Grandma and Papa Kerby's, we headed down to Nana and Papa Kinnan's for a visit, and to give Ailee a break from all that hard work of being a big sister! We spent most of our time at the park ... more specifically, on the slide! We had so much fun and wore ourselves out! I have never been so exhausted ... being a toddler is hard work, but I had so much fun with our very energetic little toddlers!

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