Tuesday, June 20

Beep, Beep!

Last Saturday was a day that will live in infamy at the Kinnan house: Hayden saw his very first movie in the theater ... CARS!

Although we went to the 12:00 showing and his nap time begins promptly at 1pm (he prefers it to be prompt, any way) Hayden did an incredible job of behaving, even though this exciting movie about Hayden's first love (besides daddy and mommy, of course) had some not-so-thrilling times! David and I enjoyed it, and Hayden managed to get some shut-eye during some slow parts. All in all it was a great movie and worth the money (no charge for Hayden), but probably one that will be better at home when Hayden can watch it while playing with his own cars.

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the lambs said...

We were thinking about taking Emily to see Cars. It would be her first theater movie too. I'm glad you guys liked it!