Wednesday, June 30

The Audit

Big Brothers Big Sisters requires that a file be made for each volunteer and child. Every file includes over 30 pages of paperwork. All forms in the file are required to be in perfect order...all monthly supervision must be documented. Now...most of you know that I wouldn't be considered a person that pays a great deal of attention to details. So, last night's auditing of my files was a bit stressful. However...they were perfect! This goes to show that non-detail people can be detailed if they want. Does this also mean detail people can be flexible if they want? Hmmmm...

Last night, Katy and I went to our weekly "Launch Team" meeting for our church plant. I shared the opening devotion which is so satisfying to me. I receive so much fulfillment when teaching and preaching. Katy was assigned the duty of "Nusery Coordinator". Talk about a perfect assignment! She'll do great.

After meeting with Eric on Monday, I have been assigned the duties of developing a small group plan for our church which will include youth. I was so excited about it that I worked on it all evening and Eric now has it in his hands. I've been reading a great book: The Search to Belong by Joseph Myers. If you're intersted in learning how small groups are just one way to find it and read it. If you want some ingenius ideas about small groups and why a person should join a small group, contact me.

We got the schedule for round 2 of softball...I feel a complete turn-around is coming about. Since we lost all 7 of our games (including a forfeit when the other team also had to forfeit because of a lack of players) we only have one direction to go...UP!

Katy's two brothers (Kurtis & Peter) are coming to visit today. It should be good times. my last comment for this post: Katy made sausage and sauerkraut. SO GOOD!


Monday, June 28

Monday, Monday ...

I've always been so thankful for my husband. I dreamt about him ... prayed for him ... named our children before we even met, but it was not until yesterday that I discovered the fullness of my blessing from God. As we walked in the door from our 2-hour trip home from KC, exhausted from being away for a week with a little guy who ONLY sleeps a full night in his own bed I found a home that was more beautiful than I could have ever hoped after being alone with David all week! It smelled amazing, the laundry was done, no spills or weird smells in the refrigerator, and no dirty dishes! I do not know what I ever have or ever will do to have such a fantastic husband!

Our trip to Grandma and Grandpa Kerby's was great, but went entirely too fast! One of several trips we're sure to make there this summer, it was great to spend time with them all ... we even got to see the elusive college guy, Kurt a lot more than usual. We celebrated mom's 35th :) birthday on Tuesday and spent the rest of the week relaxing and shopping, of course!

This holiday weekend the David Kinnan family will take part in a rare phenomenon ... staying home! After many weeks of traveling, we will finally mow the lawn and not drive more than 10 miles ... we'll let you know if that actually happens!

Until we figure out how to put pictures up, our rambling will have to do ... Have a blessed day and please keep in touch!

God Bless!

Friday, June 25

"Husbandry" - the fine art of placing a smile on your wife's face.

When a wife has been away from her home for a week, her husband must engage a significant decision before she returns: Will the home look/smell/feel the same or worse upon her arrival? It's obvious that I can't provide the nose-pleasing aromas that women seem to have at the moment of birth, but I do believe I can make a valiant attempt.

Husbandry...that's what I practiced last "cleaning house" time is much more exciting than Katy's. With Platoon playing at full volume ( was close to distortion), steaks on the grill, is the important part...laundry in the washer...I began my work so that Katy would return with a smile. Yes, that is husbandry. Once Katy returns, there won't be any dirty laundry and the entire house has been vacuumed. I even made the bed this morning! I'm sorry lady's, every man can't be like me, but I'm proud to be an example :)

I'm gonna start working right now that my pride can come back down to a normal level.

I going to KC today to get Katy and Hayden! She'll probably start contributing to the blog which will present "the other side" of the story.

Going to a KC Royals game on Saturday evening with Katy...first date night we've had awhile.


Wednesday, June 23

a refreshing experience

I met with the first members of the launch team for our church plant. The nine of us sat on a picnic bench in the middle of a park just sharing out hearts. We each shared a 5 minute version of our personal testimonies which was good for me to hear.

Lesson #946: No person, other than Christ, has ever journeyed life perfectly. Listening to the personal testimonies of others will unlatch your heart's lock so you can receive this truth.

(On occassion, I will share life lessons. The number is strictly for sarcasm's sake.)

Our Lead Pastor, Eric Norris, guided us through the vision, mission and core values of the church. It's exciting to experience other people's excitment. If you ever go through a day and wonder if passionate people with a lead pastor who is in the beginning stages of a church plant. It's a lot of fun.

Back to reality...I miss Katy and Hayden soooooo much! I just talked with her, and let's just say there was an abnormal amount of "baby talk".

Dad called me about an hour ago...he had heard comments from his people regarding my message I preached at his church a couple of weeks ago. Reports are saying that God moved that day. How exciting is that! I enjoy being used by God...especially when speaking His truths through a message.

I'm hooking up with my accountability partner tomorrow for lunch, and the afternoon is set apart for time with my "Little Brother" whom I have been matched with since February. We come from completely different backgrounds and cultures...he's really stretching me.

That's all I have to say right now.


Tuesday, June 22

I'm lost

Katy is visiting her parents in a small town about 2 hours away from our home in Manhattan. So's not good. Dinner will be my true test this evening as I've already laid out a menu: steak...ummm...lemonade...and, uh...a sweet potato cooked in the microwave. Tomorrow's menu: steak...lemonade...and the second sweet potato. Are you seeing a pattern?

I go to pick Katy up in Kansas City on Friday. I'm counting the days.

Good news in the Kinnan household: David is getting ordained! On July 26th, David M. Kinnan will become Rev. D.M. Kinnan. Wow, the power of God's grace and measureless mercy goes beyond my comprehension...and I'm glad for that fact because if I understood it I don't think I would appreciate it as much. Does that make sense? It does to me.

Okay...I need to work and go home. I'm meeting with Eric Norris tonight...he's the lead pastor of the the church plant where I'll be assistant pastor. Exciting times!

Until something new happens,

Sunday, June 20

A whole new chapter

With so many important and exciting events going on in our lives, we just had to develop a way to share how God's hands have been molding each of our days. If we bore you, make your own blog so you can bore us right back!

Loving and Learning,