Monday, June 28

Monday, Monday ...

I've always been so thankful for my husband. I dreamt about him ... prayed for him ... named our children before we even met, but it was not until yesterday that I discovered the fullness of my blessing from God. As we walked in the door from our 2-hour trip home from KC, exhausted from being away for a week with a little guy who ONLY sleeps a full night in his own bed I found a home that was more beautiful than I could have ever hoped after being alone with David all week! It smelled amazing, the laundry was done, no spills or weird smells in the refrigerator, and no dirty dishes! I do not know what I ever have or ever will do to have such a fantastic husband!

Our trip to Grandma and Grandpa Kerby's was great, but went entirely too fast! One of several trips we're sure to make there this summer, it was great to spend time with them all ... we even got to see the elusive college guy, Kurt a lot more than usual. We celebrated mom's 35th :) birthday on Tuesday and spent the rest of the week relaxing and shopping, of course!

This holiday weekend the David Kinnan family will take part in a rare phenomenon ... staying home! After many weeks of traveling, we will finally mow the lawn and not drive more than 10 miles ... we'll let you know if that actually happens!

Until we figure out how to put pictures up, our rambling will have to do ... Have a blessed day and please keep in touch!

God Bless!

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