Wednesday, June 30

The Audit

Big Brothers Big Sisters requires that a file be made for each volunteer and child. Every file includes over 30 pages of paperwork. All forms in the file are required to be in perfect order...all monthly supervision must be documented. Now...most of you know that I wouldn't be considered a person that pays a great deal of attention to details. So, last night's auditing of my files was a bit stressful. However...they were perfect! This goes to show that non-detail people can be detailed if they want. Does this also mean detail people can be flexible if they want? Hmmmm...

Last night, Katy and I went to our weekly "Launch Team" meeting for our church plant. I shared the opening devotion which is so satisfying to me. I receive so much fulfillment when teaching and preaching. Katy was assigned the duty of "Nusery Coordinator". Talk about a perfect assignment! She'll do great.

After meeting with Eric on Monday, I have been assigned the duties of developing a small group plan for our church which will include youth. I was so excited about it that I worked on it all evening and Eric now has it in his hands. I've been reading a great book: The Search to Belong by Joseph Myers. If you're intersted in learning how small groups are just one way to find it and read it. If you want some ingenius ideas about small groups and why a person should join a small group, contact me.

We got the schedule for round 2 of softball...I feel a complete turn-around is coming about. Since we lost all 7 of our games (including a forfeit when the other team also had to forfeit because of a lack of players) we only have one direction to go...UP!

Katy's two brothers (Kurtis & Peter) are coming to visit today. It should be good times. my last comment for this post: Katy made sausage and sauerkraut. SO GOOD!


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