Friday, July 2

Thanks, Brandon, for the picture help! Hayden T. Kinnan. He is now just over 10 months old and we are learning so much about life through him! Bath times are normally his favorite time of the day because he gets to splash around and talk to his rubber ducky. Why isn't it okay for me to do the same?

Katy and I had our final meeting with the DBMD (District Board of Ministerial Development) yesterday. Technically, although already reported in a previous blog, my ordination is now official. I gave instructions as to what should be inscribed onto my "pastor's Bible" and what should be printed onto my certificate. I went old school: my Bible will say "Rev. D.M. Kinnan". How cool is that! I even get to pick who prays over me...I've selected my dad! I think my Grandpa might even have an opportunity to be a part of the ceremony as well! Oh what a great heritage!

I have today off work...and Monday as well. I started the morning off with a 6am breakfast with some men from our church @ 8am...nap @ Hayden as mommy sleeps @ with mommy @ 8pm. I love extra days off!

Vacation is in one week!

- Kinnan out

That sounds stupid.

More tomorrow,

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Brandon & Jennifer said...

No problem. You have a very "cool" looking kid! (I say cool because I can't bring myself to start using the 'c' word yet... 'cute'.

Have a great week!