Wednesday, July 7


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the 2004 DEJAwestVIEW men's softball team obtain their first "W" last night versus Grace Baptist. We were incredible! Our short-stop from last year was on a 2-week leave from his job, so he decided to play with us for a game. Perhaps you're asking, "What is his job? Oh, you're not. I'll tell you anyways...he's a soldier defending our country in Iraq. How awesome is that! I had a ton of questions for him.

Well, not only was it a sweet victory, but we ended the game early as the score reached 14-3 during the bottom of the 5th inning. For those who aren't familiar with softball rules, once a team creates a gap of at least 10 runs after the 4th inning...the game is then called with the victorious team having the most runs. It's all about fairness, so we don't want teams getting beat "too badly".

Last night we had our weekly "Launch Team" meeting for our church plant. Katy presented an opening devotional that was so good. I married a wonderful woman of God.

The church plant continues to exude excitement and zeal in the hearts of many people. Our launch team has almost doubled in just 2 weeks! We discussed what Scripture says about the make-up of a church. I enjoy going back to the basics. As an assignment for everyone, we all have to be prepared to either 1.) share a 3 minute testimony, 2.) share a 3 minute version of the vision for Real Life Church, or 3.) share a 3 minute interpretation of the mission of the church. Each new person who joins our launch team will hear all three of these 3-minute talks from different people on the launch team. By doing this, everyone will have an appropriate understanding of our church's vision, mission, and a personal'll be engrained in their hearts...ownership, if you will.

The countdown until vacation: 2 days
The countdown until ordination: 18 days
The countdown until the end of the world: 274 days (ha ha ha, Ha Ha Ha, HA HA HA)

- DK

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