Saturday, July 31

The Battles Before Us...

Just a few days ago, two wars began in the Kinnan world. Both wars require sweat and determination...creativity and design. So far, the Kinnans are winning...however, their enemy is not far behind.

War #1: The Kinnans vs. The Yard
Overtaken by weeds, stones and shrubbery, The Yard has fired the first round at the Kinnans. With limited financial resources, the Kinnans have called out the troops in true hope that the war can be won!

Today, this 30th day of July, 2004...a battle has been won. Just as the sun was making itself known, David marched to the battlefield to attack with a vengence. Here are some pictures of the results (pictures not suited for those with weak stomachs).




A moment of silence is appropriate when viewing the above picture. Several limbs and leaves lost their lives in dedication to their trees and bushes. Remember them, for they fought a good fight.

The war continues...with weapons of chainsaws, rakes and mulch, victory is sure to be claimed by the Kinnan Family.

War #2: The Kinnans vs. The Fat
Most Americans are waging this same war. If you'd like to make money, just a pick a food group and write a book about how you should or shouldn't eat it. You don't need to be right...just be convencing. Seriously, of course a person would lose weight if they cut out every carb in their diet...but what happens to my morning bagel? My Panera sandwich? Come on...there must be a better way. Perhaps I should only consume the age of 35 when I figure out that Dr. Atkins was an unhealthy man who died of heart problems, I'll realize that there must be a better way. Maybe I should consume all the food groups 3-4 times a day with moderate portions? Who's gonna write that book?

Although the specific diet has yet to be agreed upon, the Kinnans have a new weapon against The Fat...(drum roll)

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold...THE GAZELLE!

You've probably seen the commericals with the short, ripped dude who adorns himself with a beautiful pony-tail. You know the guy...he yells pretty loud. THE GAZELLE retails at just about any local Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Target for $230 + tax. We purchased this highly lethal weapon at a garage sale for $40. If they only knew what they gave up!

As directed by General Katy, no "before" pictures will be posted on this web-site. However, the victorious march in late Fall/early Winter (dates still pending upon outcome of the war) will surely be displayed for your viewing pleasure.

As you rise from your sleep each morning, think of our family as we continue to wage war against such evil foes. Victory is in our reach, however our dedication and stamina will certainly be tested.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
David won his softball game on forfeit.
Record: 3 WINS/1 LOSS

Katy is gearing up for her last semester of classes. She'll start on August 18th. The Spring semester will be her opportunity to student teach.

Sunday evening will be our first time to gather with Real Life Church for a worship/prayer service. How exciting! Katy and I drove around the east side of Manhattan on Friday as we scouted places to meet. Be in prayer for that, we have outgrown the "basement".

This next weekend brings a new experience for David...a state softball tourney! Ask this to that going just a little too far?

That's it.

- Rev. DK
(Please note that no disrespect is meant towards the men and women who are currently defending our country in countries all over the world...some of whom I claim as dear friends.)

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