Monday, August 21

First Day of School!

Today was a very special day, because not only did we send our little guy off to preschool, we also celebrated Pete's first day of college! What an exciting day it has been!

David and I brought Hayden to his preschool this morning, and our very independent little man was ready for us to leave so that he could play with his friends! He had an incredible day, and got to ride the bus home, which he absolutely loved! The aide on the bus said that he didn't stop talking the entire ride!

Pete didn't miss a class, and managed to find all of them! He's enjoying KSU and we're excited for all that he'll experience in the next four (or five) years! BBQ from Famous Dave's helped us to commemorate the exciting day!

Lions, and Tigers and Bears ...

We had a great time at the zoo with Grandma Kerby and cousin Liz! It was a beautiful morning and a fun day of talking to the animals! Grandma let each of them choose something from the gift shop ... Liz got a pink flamingo, and Hayden got a cheetah-print truck! (surprise, surprise)! :-)

Saturday, August 12

Time at the Zoo and Back to School!

This past Monday was my very last day of "summer," and my folks came down to deliver a new swingset, and to take Hayden to the zoo! Cousin Liz joined us and it was a great time! Pictures to come shortly ...

Back to school on Tuesday, and my classroom has everything but the students! I managed to get everything in there and organized in record time! Whew!

Tuesday, August 1

Praise Gathering 2006

Life has been speeding by us since we arrived home. Friday and Saturday we took part in the Bible Concepts in Counseling Retreat, Sunday morning David preached at nearby Clay Center Wesleyan for a vacationing Pastor Mike, and Sunday night thru Wednesday we're in Salina for our district Praise Gathering!

This week has been an extraordinary time of fellowship and a time to rejoice in the Lord and how He is moving in the lives of those in Kansas! Dr. Pence has delivered some incredibly energizing messages as well!