Tuesday, May 30

School's Out For Summer!

A phrase that many times this school year I feared would never come ... after an exhausting final month of hyper-restless-sugared 6th graders, Friday's drive home from school was the most pleasant thirty minutes of my year. Summer was finally here! :)

After a long but exciting wedding weekend, we spent Monday at home. Although yard work took up most of the morning, we managed to get plenty of rest as well ... especially me, since David let me sleep in - I have the PERFECT husband!

We went to the Wick's for a barbeque with other families-with-toddler's from Real Life. It was a great time of fellowship, incredible food, and some of Hayden's favorite things: a huge yard, a toddler-sized tractor to ride on, a swing set, and water guns (that were actually used more by the dad's than the kids)! We had a blast and are thankful for the time to spend with other parents of little guys and gals ... it makes us feel more normal! :) Of course we all forgot our cameras, so no fun pictures, but I'm sure that we'll be having more bbq's throughout the summer!

Monday, May 29

Lord of the Rings

One of my very best friends got married this past weekend to another very good friend of ours. Ben Rotz and Kerianne McFarland got hitched and are experiencing the joys of their honeymoon as I type this.

The man of the hour, of course, was H.T....he was the ringbearer and an indredible job he did! He was certainly a very mature 2 year old during the course of the weekend ... and especially through the wedding photos! He left us speechless and the entire wedding party entertained as he even posed for the photographer by fixing Ben's tie and giving Kerianne kisses - what a special little man we have!After walking up the aisle, he stood next to me just below the stage. I have a confession: As Hayden got resless, my mind began to search for a solution. Instincts kicked in...so I told him he was in time-out and he had to sit there until Daddy let him up. I know, I'm horrible...but it worked! During this elongated time-out, Daddy did provide H.T. with candy and a cool, yellow car. After Mommy finished her scripture reading, Hayden got to go sit with her and see the view from the other side of the church!

Enjoy the picks...we expect to put more up in the future.

Proud of my boy,

Wednesday, May 24

Graduation Sunday!

It was certainly a bustling weekend ... but an exciting one! On Sunday, we headed back to my alma mater to see the "baby" of our family, Pete graduate!

As soon as we got to Grandma and Papa's, though, Hayden had some business to attend to ... a ride on the lawn mower! First thing's, first!

Since the graduation ceremonies are held in the gym ... which gets quite crowded and warm, we opted to have Hayden and cousin Liz hang out in the commons area, and they had a blast chasing each other around and carrying on their own little "toddler" conversations ... after they got through with the staring contest you see below ... I guess they had to get used to each other again!

After the ceremonies ... all done with diplomas to prove it! (Pete's the one on the far right).

Jennifer, Katy, and Lara at Pete's reception.

The most precious goodbye kiss in the history of the world: Hayden is saying bye to his Great-Grandma Bush! He and Liz had a great time playing in the sandbox with Grandma!

Girl's Night Out!

Last weekend I ventured to Kansas City for an incredible weekend of girl time! My best friend in the entire world, Miss Kelly Burton, is getting married on June 24th, and we had a little get-together with her mom, her mom-to-be, and our best Kappa friends at the most wonderful place in KC to celebrate ... the Country Club Plaza! (home of the Plaza III Steakhouse and The Hotel Rafael, where David and I spent our anniversary weekend ... remember!)?

First, it was dinner at P.F. Chang's, where we passed the time taking millions of pictures and catching up ... it's been awhile since we've all been together!

Next, it was over to the fountains to open gifts ... and take more pictures!
(Bottom L-R: Katy, Kelly, Amanda, Kristy, Allison and Top L-R: Kristin, Kellie, and Katie)

Finally ... a trip to the Cheesecake Factory where Amanda and Katie had ordered a surprise treat for us! The wait was long ... but well worth every moment! It gave us even more time to catch up ... what a blessing these girls are!

Drumroll, please ... Chocolate Rasberry Cheesecake ... YUM!

It was such an incredible evening of fellowship with sisters ... I was reminded of how perfect God is ... He has given me such incredible friendships that will last a lifetime, and this evening was something that I will never, ever forget! I cannot wait until the wedding! :)

Friday, May 12

Our little student!

We've been quickly approaching the beginning of the end of our little guy being a "baby." Yesterday was our second visit to the preschool that he will be attending next fall. It's an incredible place with an extraordinary teacher and staff, and we're so excited for all of the things that he will learn ... but not ready for him to go to school! We'll post pics of our little student soon!

Tuesday, May 2


I got a lunch pack of pizza, and Hayden had a BLAST putting them together! He was so meticulous with each and every ingredient that I just had to share the photo with you ... here he's adding some pizza sauce ever-so carefully!


The park has been our most favorite hang out lately, especially when daddy was at softball practice. Hayden has grown very fond of the frisbee, and he and I will throw it back and forth for as long as we are there ... sometimes an hour or more! He has such precision and such a good throwing arm (he's definitely a natural, plus we are always playing some sport that involves tossing or throwing) and it has been a lot of fun - maybe he'll be ready for the Extreme Frisbee team next year? Ha!

Opening Day (Night)

Yesterday marked the beginning of our summer ... SOFTBALL! The first of two Real Life Church teams played the first of many double headers, and other than the "rasberry" that David got from a line drive to 3rd base, the games were quite a lot of fun!

It's amazing the changes that Hayden has gone through in a years time ... last year at the softball games he was a constant little ball of energy, literally sprinting from one side of the ball park to the other, and never slowing down. This year he's been more social, even wanting to sit in his little folding chair and play with the other little guys and gals! It was precious, and I'm thankful to get to relax and hang out with the ladies and watch my handsome husband play ball!

This picture is probably one of my most favorites of all the pictures I have of my two guys! After the game, Hayden insisted on carrying it like daddy was carrying his bat bag. Notice the matching shirts! :)

Celebration Sunday!

Our family picture plans from Easter Sunday were disrupted a bit by a certain two-year-old who had a little accident in the nursery ... and a mommy and daddy who'd forgotten to re-stock his bag with an extra pair of shorts ... it's adorable, though, and definitely one we'll show to his future wife. Our wonderful little guy in a dress shirt and pull-ups! :)

This past Sunday we had our Celebration Dinner and Annual meeting (and a second chance to get a family picture - he's in the "I'm not going to smile because I know that's what you want me to do phase!). What an incredible report Pastor Eric gave about all that God has done and is doing in the lives and hearts of the people of Real Life Church! It is just an amazing time and I am in awe of the Lord and all He has done, and humbled by the changed lives and the people eager to serve Him that He is blessing RLC with. Our pray is that we continue to strive towards His goal ... to reach out to our community and beyond to share the Good News with each and every person we encounter!