Tuesday, May 2

Opening Day (Night)

Yesterday marked the beginning of our summer ... SOFTBALL! The first of two Real Life Church teams played the first of many double headers, and other than the "rasberry" that David got from a line drive to 3rd base, the games were quite a lot of fun!

It's amazing the changes that Hayden has gone through in a years time ... last year at the softball games he was a constant little ball of energy, literally sprinting from one side of the ball park to the other, and never slowing down. This year he's been more social, even wanting to sit in his little folding chair and play with the other little guys and gals! It was precious, and I'm thankful to get to relax and hang out with the ladies and watch my handsome husband play ball!

This picture is probably one of my most favorites of all the pictures I have of my two guys! After the game, Hayden insisted on carrying it like daddy was carrying his bat bag. Notice the matching shirts! :)


Kim and Joel said...

What a great picture!

Hummel Family said...

way too cute! Love Hayden's jersey!