Tuesday, May 30

School's Out For Summer!

A phrase that many times this school year I feared would never come ... after an exhausting final month of hyper-restless-sugared 6th graders, Friday's drive home from school was the most pleasant thirty minutes of my year. Summer was finally here! :)

After a long but exciting wedding weekend, we spent Monday at home. Although yard work took up most of the morning, we managed to get plenty of rest as well ... especially me, since David let me sleep in - I have the PERFECT husband!

We went to the Wick's for a barbeque with other families-with-toddler's from Real Life. It was a great time of fellowship, incredible food, and some of Hayden's favorite things: a huge yard, a toddler-sized tractor to ride on, a swing set, and water guns (that were actually used more by the dad's than the kids)! We had a blast and are thankful for the time to spend with other parents of little guys and gals ... it makes us feel more normal! :) Of course we all forgot our cameras, so no fun pictures, but I'm sure that we'll be having more bbq's throughout the summer!


Holly said...

The wedding pics are just too cute! Looks like you handled it all with grace and class. The time out just cracked me up. Gotta think on your feet when you're mom to a toddler!

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