Tuesday, March 28

The King of the Court

This weekend the Real Life Church basketball guys headed to Miltonvale for a tournament. On Saturday we headed up to cheer them on. They were 1-2 ... played well ... and thankfully noone got injured, which is a nice change from tournaments of the past!

Impartially, of course, I must say that my husband is the absolute stud of the universe, and did such a great job! :)

Where Did It Go?

Spring Break was last week, and was officially the fastest five days of my entire life ... I cannot believe how fast it flew by! We had a blast, and as soon as I recharge the camera batteries I'll post more pictures.

We enjoyed a snowy first day of spring on Monday, and sickness on Tuesday, but Wednesday Hayden and I headed for my parent's house and had a great few days with Grandma, Papa, and Uncle Pete! Hayden loves to hang out there ... he cuddles with Grandma, wrestles with Papa, and gets to ride in Uncle Pete's truck. He also enjoys chasing Meyer, their cat around the house (which is why David didn't join us for the trip - CAT)!

It was a very restful, relaxing break, and a nice taste of summer vacation! I cannot wait!

We managed to squeeze in a family trip to Cold Stone Creamery, the best ice cream place on the planet! Hayden and I shared the Strawberry-Banana Split flavor ... delicious, but he was pretty persistant in being the one to hold it. :) A nice "good-bye" to my beloved ice cream before the workouts began!

And One, And Two, And ...

I have always wanted to be healthy. All through school I was in sports ... I was active ... but never really liked "exercising." In college it was easy to stay fit, because walking miles and miles all over campus made it absolutely unnecessary for me to ever give a thought to doing anything else. One child and several years later, that is not so. I want to be healthy ... I want to have energy ... I want to be more active than I am now, not only just for me, but also to model for Hayden the importance of being healthy. I'd be somewhat dishonest, though, if I didn't say that it may also have something to do with hoping to finally fit in to those pre-pregnancy jeans that have been alluding me for the last two years!!!!!

Last Monday, Chasity (one of David's co-workers who also became my friend) and I decided to say YES to health and NO to precious sleep, and met at the gym at 5:30am for our first workout. Although I skipped town for a visit with my parents for a few days last week, we've been regulars and I'm really enjoying myself! It's amazing the energy that comes from waking up at the crack of dawn and jumping right on a tredmill.

They say it takes 21 days to make something a "habit" ... we'll see! :)

Have a GREAT Day!

Tuesday, March 21

"The Getaway"

First of all...my wife is an incredible woman. Seriously, with all obligatory statements being set aside and biases being shelved for the moment, my wife is the most beautiful, creative, loving and thoughtful woman that I have ever met.

Our "Anniversary Getaway" began at 5 pm this past Friday when Katy, Hayden and I departed Manhattan. We drove directly to my parent's house so Hayden could get in some quality Nana and Papa time. Once we said hello to my parents, we quickly said goodbye...leaving for "a place" that I knew nothing about. As we pulled away from the house, Katy began to read to me a letter she'd written in poetic form. It described how we'd met and it alluded to some of our dating traditions and honeymoon memories: trips to Sonic, movies, dicussions over dinner, the beach, etc. She'd bought a gift certificate to a movie rental place and a restaraunt so we can duplicate our old dating days in one of the weekends to come (pretty creative and thoughtful, huh?). The letter then gave a brief outline of what was to come later that night and the next day.

Our destination: Kansas City's Country Club Plaza. Most of you probably don't know much about this place...it's a massive plaza (thanks, Captain Obvious) designed with a southwestern style of architecture. Designers shops and great restaraunts are everywhere!

Our accomodations: the Hotel Rafael. We checked into our hotel (The Rafael) which happens to have been titled one of the best hotels to visit in the entire world! It was built in 1927...Katy and I love that look...our honeymoon hotel looked like the insides of the Titanic. She'd rented a suite because she knows I enjoy the "home away from home" atmosphere...2 rooms is always better than 1. We even had two TV's!

Our food: Plaza III Steakhouse.
Labeled one of the top 10 steakhouses in the United States, Katy knew I'd be a happy little boy when eating at this place. The raw cuts of beef were brought to our table to inspect and choose...I, of course, chose the Kansas City Strip Steak.
(Sidenote: Kansas has the best beef in the world. If you're from Texas, keep your mouth shut because you know I'm right.) We started the meal off with some fresh vegetables and dipping sauce...we bypassed the tempting appetizers with our sites on the main course. You could cut Katy's steak with a fork. (Sidenote: It was impressive that Katy chose a steakhouse for our dinner-site, yet it was even more impressive to have my wife order a steak...yeah, she's hot. Some men like to see their women dress up and stuff...I like my wife to order a steak!)

Our activities: Some activities will go unmentioned, but others must be detailed. We started Saturday morning off with a hot cup of coffee from Starbucks...then, as my wife's face began to glow, we started shopping at all the unique shops located in The Plaza. We had a ton of fun....talking...holding hands (you're welcome, honey)...trying to take pictures of ourselves...trying on clothes...looking at gadgets...we just enjoyed each other's company.

Katy and I are not extravagant people...we don't long for "more things". We like our current living situation...the money we make...and the family and friends we have around us. This weekend, we lived like royalty and it was a blast. Katy is my best friend and I can't wait until I can plan a "Getaway Weekend"!

Thursday, March 16

Can You Keep A Secret?

My husband is undoubtedly the most caring and romantic man on the planet ... not to mention the most handsome! :) He has tirelessly worked to ensure that each and every day I feel loved and appreciated ... and although I try my best, I cannot imagine how I could ever make him feel as wonderful as he makes me feel ... but I'm going to keep trying anyway!

This year on our anniversary I told him that I'd plan everything ... and so this weekend we will take Hayden to Mom and Dad Kinnan's, and spend a relaxing weekend together ... at a destination unknown to David. The restaraunt's are amazing, the hotel is incredible ... and my mouth is closed tightly. Remember, I'm the one who attempts a "surprise" birthday party for David every year, but in the 11th hour always seem to blurt it out ... so this is progress, and definitely worth the surprise!

We'll share the story and pictures next week! :)


Wednesday, March 15

3 Years

Today is our 3rd anniversary! Woo Hoo!

Katy, you affect me even more now than our first late night breakfast at Bob's Diner. I love you!

Friday, March 10

Just Breathe

The past few weeks have truly been a test for me. Being with sixth graders who are anxious for spring break is not what I had in mind when I became a teacher. They are incredible kids, really, but I have come home more exhausted than I ever imagined I could be. Wow! Each day is something new, and I am learning lessons about the joy that the Lord can bring from each and every situation, even the most frustrating and grueling moments of life.

The Junction City Bowl for Kids’ Sake went well. David is an incredible coordinator, and there was not a single detail that was missed. He’s amazing! My team of teachers from the middle school did quite well … although I learned that I should probably only bowl for fun … I don’t see any leagues calling me for help in the near future. The Manhattan BFKS will be this weekend, so we’re excited for this busy time to be over! The RLC men's basketball team will be playing in a tournament in a few weekends, so he's being the stud that he is and preparing for that as well, with great anticipation, of course!

Wednesday was the final night of my “Traveling Light” study. We went through the final chapters of the book, but spent the majority of the time just talking. What better to do at the coolest coffee shop ever than to fellowship with your sisters? It has been an honor to lead this study, and God has brought so many new lessons and friendships through this time. I’m looking forward to what He has in store for the next study with great anticipation, and will be forever blessed by my time with the “Lincoln Perk Ladies!”

Hayden has been absolutely loving the weather … every day after I pick him up from Miss Becky’s we head out to the back yard and play basketball until David gets home … then we play more basketball! It’s been so much fun to see how different Hayden is outside just since winter. Last summer he was more interested in chasing Abby and playing basketball. This year he’s an explorer. He’ll shoot some hoops, bury some of his cars in the dirt, jump off of some stones, sprint up and down the hill, chase Abby, and play with dirt some more. He’s having a blast … and so are we! It's so fun to see him grow, literally before our eyes! When he’s not outside, he’s playing his guitar in the house and dancing to the beat. He loves his guitar, and is always asking David to get the real one out and sing along!

Tonight David and I had a date! Wow! It’s been awhile, but we headed to Lawrence to the Hereford House, a tradition that we started last year at our anniversary … David is so thoughtful, and so intent on us having “couple time.” I must say, that I do not have the easiest time leaving our little guy with a sitter, and he is patient, but resolute in making sure that we get our time. Since the restaurant is an hour and a half away, we had a wonderful drive over and back … and just talk and talk and talk (and listening to the KU game) … we are so blessed to be married to our best friend – and it reminded me of when we first started dating, of how important it is to have quality time. Next weekend I get to plan our anniversary activities, and I am so excited to share them … but am actually going to keep the secret until next week!

So, life has been pretty crazy in the Kinnan home, but we’re taking each day as it comes, and thanking God for each day. If January is a month for resolutions, than March is a month of renewal. It’s easy for us to make resolutions, but as spring approaches, the changing of seasons often stirs me in a different way. Resolutions in January seem easy to lose sight of …not only is it freezing, (in Kansas, at least), but since I tend to be a visual learner, and there is no profound change in the environment around me … resolutions are definitely difficult to uphold. Who wants to go for an early morning jog when it’s dark until 730am? Springtime, on the other hand, is different. Outside a burst of color and energy abound as the outdoors literally comes back to life. Grass is green again, flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining! This renewal or rebirth of my surroundings makes it absolutely contagious! Seasons are measured not only in months of the year, but also in experiences in life. God has been teaching us that lesson more than ever in the last few months with my health, and just like always, there are threads of joy and hope and life-long lessons that can be learned if we just trust in Him and His will. Like seasons, we experience times of happiness and times of sorrow, times of brokenness and times of healing. Ultimately, if we fix our eyes on Him, we will be stronger and more steadfast in our faith. In Ecclesiastes 3:1, Solomon writes that “to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

My prayer today is that you are finding purpose and renewal in the Lord. That each and every day of the year you are being filled to the fullest with His promises and love, and that you are striving to spread His truth and light with each and every person you encounter.

Enjoy the sun! God Bless You!

Thursday, March 2

Bowl for Kids' Sake

You could call this a shameless plug, but it does have a valid and meaningful purpose. Bowl for Kids' Sake is the annual fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters...it's supplies apprx. 25% of our total operating budget.

I would be honored if you would pledge money for me while I bowl. Click RIGHT HERE to find out specific directions as to how you can pledge. You don't even have to pay right now! You can wait until you're ready. I just need the pledges by the end of next week.

Because I know people, and only because I value your support, I can send a free t-shirt and bowling towel to anyone who pledges $50 or more. Okay...so the t-shirts are all in my office and I don't really know anybody important that gives me special access to t-shirts...but nonetheless, the t-shirt/towel offer stands!

We have kids who have no dad...no mom...they need someone to love them. Your pledges can make that happen. How much do you care about the youth of today? I know a way you can answer that question...go ahead...PLEDGE TODAY.