Tuesday, March 28

Where Did It Go?

Spring Break was last week, and was officially the fastest five days of my entire life ... I cannot believe how fast it flew by! We had a blast, and as soon as I recharge the camera batteries I'll post more pictures.

We enjoyed a snowy first day of spring on Monday, and sickness on Tuesday, but Wednesday Hayden and I headed for my parent's house and had a great few days with Grandma, Papa, and Uncle Pete! Hayden loves to hang out there ... he cuddles with Grandma, wrestles with Papa, and gets to ride in Uncle Pete's truck. He also enjoys chasing Meyer, their cat around the house (which is why David didn't join us for the trip - CAT)!

It was a very restful, relaxing break, and a nice taste of summer vacation! I cannot wait!

We managed to squeeze in a family trip to Cold Stone Creamery, the best ice cream place on the planet! Hayden and I shared the Strawberry-Banana Split flavor ... delicious, but he was pretty persistant in being the one to hold it. :) A nice "good-bye" to my beloved ice cream before the workouts began!

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