Thursday, March 2

Bowl for Kids' Sake

You could call this a shameless plug, but it does have a valid and meaningful purpose. Bowl for Kids' Sake is the annual fundraiser for Big Brothers Big's supplies apprx. 25% of our total operating budget.

I would be honored if you would pledge money for me while I bowl. Click RIGHT HERE to find out specific directions as to how you can pledge. You don't even have to pay right now! You can wait until you're ready. I just need the pledges by the end of next week.

Because I know people, and only because I value your support, I can send a free t-shirt and bowling towel to anyone who pledges $50 or more. the t-shirts are all in my office and I don't really know anybody important that gives me special access to t-shirts...but nonetheless, the t-shirt/towel offer stands!

We have kids who have no mom...they need someone to love them. Your pledges can make that happen. How much do you care about the youth of today? I know a way you can answer that question...go ahead...PLEDGE TODAY.

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