Sunday, February 19

3 months

I'm surprised at how long it's been since I last posted any words. In December 05' I showed you some pics, but my writing didn't contain much information or thought. Writing here has been an incredibly low priority over the last few months...don't look for a's just been near the bottom of many.

Late winter is always a unique season for me. My thought time is almost always directed towards what I would call "evaluation questions"...questions about what I'm doing...what I'm a part of. Questions like:
  • "Why am I doing what I'm doing?" (vocationally speaking)
  • "Is 'fulfilling' the word my heart would use in describing what I am doing?"
  • "Do my wife and son feel love from me?"
  • "Am I doing everything I possibly can do in order to be as effective as I can be?"
  • "Does 'life' get my best effort?"
Do you ask yourself those questions? Am I too contemplative or analytical? I do want to enjoy life and allow it to "unroll" naturally as God would design it, but I want to be confident that I am engaging all that I need to engage. Am I speaking up when I need to speak up? Am I reading as much as I could/should be? Am I equipping everyone I have an opportunity to equip?

I know Katy's answers to a lot of those questions. She has always been the supportive voice whispering in my ear that makes my palms warm up and heart settle to a healthy beat. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a worrier. In fact, usually I'm over-confident which sometimes minimalizes the emotional rush I get when God works in my life or the lives of others. My dad always has a card-stock table tent on his desk which says, "Expect a Miracle"...that's a good expectation to have.

So, as I ask my "evaluation questions," sometimes I get overwhelmed and communicating them seems impossible...thus, my absence from the blogging world. With that said, I certainly don't lose sleep when my questions have answers I don't like or no answers at all.


At home
, we're loving our time together. It satisfies me to be at home and do nothing while Katy sits next to me and Hayden plays with his toys. We are with each other a lot and I'm taking a lot of mental pictures.

At church (job #1),
we've just begun a 10 week message series: "The Life of Christ". If I can figure out how, I'll share the video teaser and trailers made to advertise the series. I'm preaching next week on "Jesus: The Teacher". The series is more about who Christ was/is rather than hightlighted teachings of His. It's a an exciting topic (obviously) to dissect and communicate.

At Big Brothers Big Sisters (job #2), we just finished up the most stressful week of the year...our annual audit. In this line of work, we gather an incredible amount of paperwork on the volunteers, children and their parents. Once we connect a volunteer with a child, we supervise them on a monthly basis...documenting everything. The files we create are audited five times a year and this last audit was by the "Mother Ship" which elevated the importance of having things in place. We got in trouble for the size of my caseload (caseload = amount of matches I supervise). Our max caseload is 65...I have 185 cases...yeah, that's a "1" in front of the 85. I'll leave it at that even though my mind is trying to possess my fingers to add a commentary.

We're also in the "fund-raising" season at BBBS...our events are the first and second weekends of March. My lack of posting seems seems to have provided an explanation which wasn't offered at the top of this post.

In guy world
, we have our annual basketball tournament coming up which takes place in the middle of nowhere in a gym reminiscent of one found in the movie Hoosiers. It's a great time w/ the guys...two days of basketball...two days of making "noises" w/out a care...two days of mental relaxation...AND...this tournament always marks the beginning of softball season prep: getting a sign-up team or two? I enjoy it so much!

And of course, in Jayhawk world...what a turnaround! Enough said.


Asking questions,


David and Katy said...


I am thanking God for the gift of you today and always! What a privilege it is to be your wife ... and what an exciting blessing that Hayden has a daddy who is such a man of God!

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Kim and Joel said...

Evaluation questions are always a good thing. Worrying about the answers is not helpful, but just realizing that those questions need asked-as a reminder-is awesome! It's great to hear what is going on in your lives and see that all is well. Thanks for the challenge of evaluating and asking questions. Sometimes we all need the reminder to do these things.

Jodi said...

Great family pic! Is that Brad Pitt....? No facial tatoo necessary there! :p