Friday, February 10

All Better!

After a week of absolutely, positively, without a doubt, the worst flu our family has ever seen, our little guy was up and around ... and even ready for some painting! We made some Valentine's Day works of art for some very special people! After writing out his Veggie Tales notes, we put everything in envelopes ... Hayden helped me stamp the packages and we'll mail them tomorrow.

He has really insisted on doing "big boy" things lately ... washing off his plate after dinner, throwing trash (and even stuff that's not trash) away to help clean up, watering Abby (not only in her little dish, but also at times, dousing her with some H2O), and has even helped make dinner and pack his lunches. His favorite is putting shredded cheese on everything, because he likes to snack as we go ... a true cook! :) He's also wowed us with his ingenuity ... at nap time and bed time we put the Bible on cd on for him to listen to ... but he enjoys it so much that he has begun to bring his little desk chair over to his dresser so that he can reach the "Power" and then "Play" button on the cd player!


Hummel Family said...

How Precious! Aren't 2 years old the Best?

Holly said...

It's going around. Our whole family had the same thing this past 2 weeks. What a drag! I'll post about it soon on our blog; that is, when I find the energy!!