Wednesday, July 30

You're the Cheese to my Macaroni

Hayden and Ellie are becoming great friends ... Hayden is incredibly gentle and thoughtful, and each time she is done eating, we have "wake time." Our new favorite thing to do is sit her in the boppy (she LOVES it!) and sit beside her and chat. She is especially thrilled when big brother Hayden talks to her (mostly about cool cars), sings to her, and makes silly noises.

Today was a big day of chatter ...

Hayden shared the theme song from VBS, singing about God's "Big Backyard" and took time to teach Ellie the motions!

Ellie gets really excited when Hayden sings to her, and starts jabbering away with arms flailing!

Friday, July 25

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet - Life

Brother Hayden is so sweet with his little sister!

Ellie loves to relax, look around, and ponder deep thoughts about things like world peace and taking a nap.

Hayden adores Grandpa and Grandma, and especially seems to enjoy the presents that sneak there way up here when they visit!
"Sis," as Hayden has nicknamed her, is in her swing, which I've nicknamed her happy place!

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit this week, and though Ellie didn't seem thrilled by Hayden's presents, she did love the extra arms to hold her!

We visited Mount Rushmore one evening and got to see the ceremony and lights, and to Dinosaur Park too!

Bear Country was a lot of fun, and mommy and daddy got a chance to get pics taken with the little ones - usually we're chasing or feeding and never on this side of the camera!

Tuesday, July 22

Hi There!

Hayden, Ellie and I went to Dinosaur Park last week - it was a lot of fun, and though Ellie wasn't very impressed, Hayden really enjoyed it!

Ellie continues to grow every day - she's getting stronger and more aware of surroundings! She loves kisses and baths, and especially her big brother!

Wednesday, July 9

A Love Bug & A Mustang

Each and every day our little girl gets more expressive, and lately has been sharing with us some little noises ... the usual squawk's, but new ones too. Hayden says that she sounds like an "old car," and since he loves Volkswagen Bugs, we've nicknamed her "LOVE BUG."

Hayden continues to hone his photography skills!

Hayden got a Remote Control MUSTANG in the mail today from uncle Pete, and hasn't stopped driving it since! THANK YOU UNCLE PETE!!!!

Sunshine Day!

Last Saturday we took advantage of the sunshine and went on a morning trip to nearby Reptile Gardens, and in addition to having a ton of fun, we were once again reminded of how little fear our four-year old has! AAAHHH!

After hanging out with giant tortoises and watching the snake show, we hung out with some prairie dogs before going to a crocodile show - Hayden actually got to touch one!!!