Wednesday, July 30

You're the Cheese to my Macaroni

Hayden and Ellie are becoming great friends ... Hayden is incredibly gentle and thoughtful, and each time she is done eating, we have "wake time." Our new favorite thing to do is sit her in the boppy (she LOVES it!) and sit beside her and chat. She is especially thrilled when big brother Hayden talks to her (mostly about cool cars), sings to her, and makes silly noises.

Today was a big day of chatter ...

Hayden shared the theme song from VBS, singing about God's "Big Backyard" and took time to teach Ellie the motions!

Ellie gets really excited when Hayden sings to her, and starts jabbering away with arms flailing!


In the Mix said...

That is super sweet!

Mark Neely said...

good looking little girl. miss you guys.

Mark, Becky, Kyra, and Owen