Friday, October 29

Hayden's Favorite Things ...

Hayden Thomas
Toddlers are funny people ... they can be more assertive and decisive than many adults (me) :) and have a way of letting everyone know how they feel. Hayden has been such a joy in his 14 months of life ... and it has been so exciting learning all of these precious things about him as he begins to find distinct likes and dislikes, and even funny habits. Let me explain ...

Daddy leaves every weekday morning at around 8 o'clock, and nearly every morning at the same time, Hayden and Abby are at the door seeing him off ... and stay there for several minutes later waving ...

You may notice that Hayden is only in a diaper ... well, he does have clothes, but has become "a' natural" in his dressing preference, and makes it very clear. When mommy doesn't have school, he can get away with it until his naptime or when we run errands. I'm just thankful he doesn't pull his diaper off anymore (yes, he used to pull off his diaper ... aaahhh). HaHa.

Hayden is also learning about all of the fun ways his flexible little body moves. This is one of his most recent discoveries ... upside down. He usually does this and waits for us to come help him somersault, but often times just likes to "hang out" like this for awhile.

Another of Hayden's most prized possessions is a chair that belonged to my great-grandmother. It's a darling little chair that she gave me before she passed away, and I keep it in the kitchen. Hayden, however, has found better places for it ... and carries it around to whatever room he is in. He watches tv on it, he sits in the office with it, and he brings it back into the kitchen when I'm cooking. He has finally figured out how to get into it ... and never let's it out of his sight! :)

Real Life Church Women
The women of Real Life Church came together at Diane's house last night for our very first Bible Study! We met for nearly 3 hours and it was a wonderful time of fellowship, study, prayer, and dessert! I'm so thankful for the blessing of the strong women God has blessed me with throughout my lifetime; my mother and mother-in-law, my sisters, my grandmothers, and am especially grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow and share with the women of Real Life Church. Last night we studied scripture from I and II Timothy and Titus concerning the role of the women in the community and church, and looked at the necessity for women to fellowship and serve others. It was truly an answer to prayers to finally meet! We'll begin getting together every other Thursday ... I'm so excited!

On Monday evening we'll be at Crestview Community Church, where church members throughout the area will be lifting up the Tuesday elections in prayer. We encourage you to vote
if you are able, and to remember to keep both the elections and the candidates in your prayers.

We Love You!

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.
I Corinthians 2:9 NLV

Tuesday, October 26


Grandpa Kinnan had surgery this morning, and while in recovery, he started having chest pains. He has been moved to the Intensive Care Unit. Please pray for our grandpa.

We'll keep you all up-to-date.

Monday, October 25


There has been a lot of sneezing ... coughing ... and Kleenex's going around the Kinnan house for the last few days. Hayden got his flu shot a week ago tonight, and it has been downhill ever since ... he and I have both been feeling pretty crummy lately, but with no fevers and David not catching it ... it's much better than it could be!

Church was so uplifting last night! About half of the launch team is in Colorado for a prayer retreat, but the rest of us, including several newcomers (YIPEE!) enjoyed a service full of beautiful musical worship, and time devoted to group-discussions about the purpose of church through what is said in different passages of the Bible. It was extremely educational, plus, a wonderful time to get to know others even better ... community, community, community! :)

Today was a beautiful day, and we hope that yours was too! I want to share a passage that I came across this morning ...

Your words are truth, and you have promised these good things to me. 2 Samuel 7:28 NLT

My devotional book elaborated on this passage through a parent's perspective, saying that the ONLY way to provide the right home for your children is to put the Lord above them, and fully instruct them in the ways of the Lord. You are responsible before God for the home you provide for them.

We are so thankful for the precious blessing of Hayden that God has entrusted to us, and are confident in the knowledge that He has brought our family together and through His wisdom and perfection, and our seeking to glorify Him in all that we do and all that we say and all the decisions that are made ... our family will be one with a foundation of Him ... and what could be better!? Our prayer today is that for those of you who are already experiencing the joys of parenting ... and those of you who will ... and even those who won't ... that God is and will forever be your source of comfort, of strength. of guidance, and so much more!

We Love You!

Sunday, October 24


For a second weekend in a row, we journied to the west for a weekend with my parents. I must say, it was relaxing. We just vegged on Friday night...Katy went shopping with Heather (my sister) and they came back with one of everything from Old Navy. I have a completely new wardrobe with "Old Navy" plastered all over it.

I played in a golf tourney on Saturday put on by BreakPointe Community Church while Katy hung out with Mom. I think they went back to Old Navy...unbelieveable.

Here's a random pic of Hayden and his disgust with "the gate" that was placed between he and the stairs.

So, why is this post entitled shocking? Well, Katy and I attended BreakPointe Community Church this morning. The message series was just kicking off with "COMMUNITY" being the topic. As an illustration, the pastor (my pops) ordered two pizzas to be delivered during the service. Now, you might say..."I've seen this done before, this is old school stuff." Well, when the dude arrived...he got tipped...a $550 tip to be exact. Say what? I'm not serious? I'll expose the entire picture: the previous week, the pastor (my pops) asked the congregation to give generously in order help meet someone's need...this was a special offering. The congregation shows up today...listening about community...learning about the dynamics of community. The pizza dude shows up and he gets the tip. The guy leaves...and all of a sudden...everyone feels united. Get where I'm going? Everyone felt they'd come together for a special cool is that! Nice illustration. Community must have purpose and trust. The pizza company showed trust. The church lived out purpose...bringing about community!

Dad had called the pizza joint beforehand to set the whole thing up. He asked them if they'd be willing to send out a delivery person who was in a lot of financial need. He got turned down by Pizza Hut and Papa John's...but...Domino's took the challenge! In fact, they made sure the guy's fiancee (who just gave birth 6 months ago) was there! He's working two jobs desperately trying to make ends meet. They was awesome!

The main purpose of this "tipping event" was to serve as a precursor to their EXTREME CHRISTMAS Sunday in December. On that Sunday, "more giveaways bigger than this" will be handed out to those in big need.

Hmmm...the church meeting the needs of it's people by using the resources of its people. Does that sound like the early Acts church? I think so...

That was our weekend.


Friday, October 22

What a Week!

Hayden has many "favorite" things that he likes to do, and one of them is to go into the main bathroom and take EVERYTHING out of the drawers. They're just two of the few drawers in the house we haven't baby-proofed, and just for that reason. He loves doing it, and it keeps him entertained for quite awhile! This picture shows me catching him in the act! HaHa!

What a week it has been! I forgot to mention that on Sunday evening after our wonderful church service (in which we had many visitiors ... and 15 kids in the nursery!), Tami and I hosted a baby shower for the Neely's and the McFall's. It was a blast ... with lots of cake ... yummy!

Tuesday my birthday began with BREAKFAST from my wonderful husband with my favorite ... toast and coffee! David had indulged me the night before and gave me a Hobby Lobby gift card (he knows me too well!), and in the morning ... a beautiful pink sweater wrap (which showed his love for me ... because it could be considered by most guys to be totally impractical, but David knew how much I loved it)! Like I had mentioned in an earlier blog, he was in Paxico for training, so Hayden and I went to M.O.P.S. at Westview, and then I had observations at Anthony Middle School David finished early, so we got some errands done and spent some quality family time together.

Tuesday evening we had our meeting and were encouraged by the reactions and contacts we have gotten from the community! We have been calling people who have shown interest and would like more information, and God is really encouraging us through the process! We ended with prayer for Scott, Kodee, and Josie McFall for the upcoming birth of their new baby girl/little sister! Kodee went in for a C-section this morning at 5:30am ... we're going in after lunch when David gets off, so we'll tell you all about the precious new life as soon as we can!

Last night (Thursday) Becky and Tami came over and surprised me with a "Girls Night Out" for my birthday! David was in on the whole thing ... I thought I was just going to Target with Becky to help pick out a stroller, but instead the two girls came over and we went to Carlos O'Kelly's (AND SHOPPING!) while the guys went to Willie's to watch the baseball game ... Alli and Hayden stayed home with a pre-arranged sitter ... what a perfect evening and what thoughtful and wonderful friends God has blessed us with!

This weekend we're heading to KC again ... David is participating in a golf tournament and Stacey, one of my friends from high school is getting married on Saturday, so I'll be heading to A-town for that!

A wonderful and familiar verse I came across this morning ...
Come, be my disciples, and I will show you how to fish for people. Matthew 4:19 NLT

Wherever we go, it is a mission field for our Lord. I pray that He presses this on our hearts to make us conscious of this always, so that in every circumstance and with every person we come into contact with we may be prepared and excited to tell others of His joyous message!

God Bless You!

Tuesday, October 19

Goin' to Kansas City ...

It's been awhile since we've last blogged ... so let me fill you in on our busy weekend and our exciting week to come!

On Friday we left for Kansas City right after David got off work ... we were as anxious as ever to get there, because we haven't been for months! This was Abby's first road-trip, and she was such a good girl ... she sat on her little towel next to Hayden and he pet her and made her feel safe. :)

Cousins Ailee and Hayden were reunited and it was like they'd never been apart ... they immediately started playing, chasing one another throughout the house ... you could definitely tell that Ailee was excited she had a new walking buddy ... and Hayden was just happy that he could keep up with her now!

Hayden was enamored with the metal cylinder "thingie" (scientific term) that turns the fireplace on and off at Grandma and Grandpa Kinnan's ... in this picture he's showing Grandma that if you take it out ... you can put it back in ... one new thing about Hayden ... he is obsessed with those toy blocks that you fit through the holes ... so this kept him busy for hours!

Hayden also got to hang-out with Grandpa Kinnan ... and showed him his new-found trick ... pointing ... it has replaced the whining (well, almost replaced) when he wants something ... here I think he's pointing to the car keys ... maybe wants to take Grandpa's car out for a spin!

Friday night Grandma and Grandpa babysat while David and I went to "Late Night with Bill Self" in Lawrence. The fieldhouse was absolutely packed, and we had a blast! David will elaborate on his thoughts for the upcoming Jayhawk season ... although I was raised a Jayhawker, David is the biggest fan I've EVER seen! :)

Grandma and Grandpa got to watch Hayden Saturday evening for a little bit when David surprised me with an early birthday supper at the Cheesecake Factory! He relieved me from drowning in my schoolwork for an evening of food ... shopping ... food ... cheesecake ... and precious time with the man of my dreams! :) He is so thoughtful and such a gentleman, and we had the perfect evening! For supper we shared an entree ... saving room for cheesecake, of course! He had a brownie sundae cheesecake and I had the tiramisu ... it was heavenly ... delicious ... mmmmmmmmmm, cheesecake!

Gotta go to M.O.P.S. (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) at Westview soon ... then to Anthony Middle School for observations. David is in Paxico (east of Manhattan on I-70) for training all day.

We'll write more later!
Love and God Bless!

Wednesday, October 13

Fall Break!

Sunday evening Hayden and I went to my parents house for my Fall Break. Mom was off Monday and Tuesday, so it worked out great! We had a lot of fun and Hayden especiall enjoyed playing with cousin Liz ... who is crawling everywhere and can definitely hold her own with her older cousin! :)

Hayden can only use the pacifier for naps and bedtime now, and he's not liking it ... so he "borrowed" Liz's a time or ... ten, and after we would show him that it was hers, he did the gentlemanly thing and would put it back in her mouth ... here he's trying without the pacifier?

Our little football star! Hayden's favorite toy of the moment is his football ... he's ALWAYS carrying it around, and he's got a pretty good stance, don't you think?

Monday evening we had spaghetti for dinner ... and Hayden loved it ... especially because it makes a mess!

Sunday, October 10

What a wonderful weekend!

Katy, Hayden and I followed through with a our Friday Family Tradition: Pizza and a Movie. Now, we didn't actually watch a "movie", but that's not the point. We took a ride in the car to Topeka (50 minutes away) to exchange some of Hayden's birthday clothes. He'd received a bunch of summer digs...and with winter on the way...we got him some pimped out warm-up suits and outfits. Seriously...the women are flocking as we speak.

We made it back and decided to go with the new cheesey pizza thing from Domino's...that'll be the last time for that. Don't get it.

I woke up to a king's breakfast. Katy had prepared her special scrambled eggs, sausage, and french toast. By the time I finished, I was ready for a nap. I resisited.

Early in the evening, we popped in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. A family in our church had taped the first two episodes and since we're rarely back from church during the show...this was a treat for us. We balled our faces off. must be so fulfilling to meet an exact need of another person...especially when the person has no means to meet their own need.

As the evening progressed...the KU vs. KSU football game began. KU has lost the last 11 meetings between the two teams. I made a wager with a guy in our church agreeing that whoever's team won, the other had to wear the "other team's" hat all week. We (KU) won! My good buddy, Lenny, is sporting a KU hat!


From 11 am to 2 pm, our church participated in our second "attraction event". Essentially, we're trying to get our name out so we set camp at Wal-mart and passed out free hot dogs, chips, and pop for free! It was incredible. We have apprx. 150-200 response cards filled out!

Almost everyone in our church helped with the event:

We cooked up some dogs...

Made some signs...

Chilled the pop...

Prayed, Prayed, and Prayed some more...

Talked to people...

And talked some more.

It was a great event. We enjoyed it, and we were challenged to move beyond our comfort zones. Now...we've got some major follow up to do!

Katy and Hayden went off to visit her parents for the next couple of days while Katy is on Fall Break. Davey, Daddy, or David...whatever your choice at home missing his family.

I bet football is on! See ya!


Back in the saddle again!

I'm back! I played my first softball game since tearing my calf a couple of months ago. We got slaughtered, but I still had a great time.

Hayden is one of our loudest fans. I think he's starting to get the fever to play.

By the end of the game, I think the ump was thinking about ejecting this "out of control" fan.

Saturday Night Haircut

There are few things wrong with this picture, but for our purposes, I'll draw your attention to the mop on Hayden's head. Yes, it's haircut time!

At the beginning, Hayden seems to enjoy Daddy playing with his hair.

We're starting to see a little "discomfort" coming from Hayden's direction.

Mommy is getting a little concerned as the toys in front of Hayden seem to be getting less and less attention.

Okay...Daddy needs to speed it up.

The child abuse is now over and Hayden seems to be a happy little boy again. However, the look does imply that Daddy will encounter some resistance if he tries to come close with any scissors.

Tuesday, October 5


This morning Grandpa Kerby was in town for meetings, and before he went back to Topeka, he stopped by for a visit! Hayden showed him our family of pumpkins and even picked his up to show Grandpa how strong he is!

We have been enjoying the cool weather and spending a lot of time outside! Hayden and I went on a walk this afternoon and played in the back yard with Abby.

This morning I read in James, and was encouraged by this verse:
Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will fill you up. James 4:10

As David mentioned earlier, his message will be dealing with Moses and God's calling in all of our lives ... and he'll close with a few essential things we must to, and prayer is one of them. I was thankful that God laid this verse on me this morning, and am so thankful for His love and care for us ... there is a quote that says "You are never as high as when you are on your knees," and I believe that is one of the most sacred truths ... my prayer today is that you will discover and hold fast to the power of prayer ... to nourishing your relationship with Christ ... and to strengthening yourself with His word.

We Love You!

In process...

Last night, while playing basketball, I was joking with a friend that I had a difficult decision to make later that evening: Prepare my message for this Sunday (i.e. lock down a passage of Scripture, chizzle out a thesis statement along with an intro, outline the points, and brainstorm about a conclusion) OR watch Monday Night Football as the Chiefs were set to battle the Ravens. Choosing "message preparation" would definitely have been sacrificial use of my time. However, what if by watching the football game, I were to glean some direction?

So...I watched the game and prepared my message. I'm a gifted multi-tasker. God gave me a specific direction to go: Our Calling...inadequate and scared is usually where we find ourselves when God wants to use and improve us. We're all called to do's all throughout Scripture. When receiving a call from God, some are ready and emotionally prepared, but most of us seem to initially find ways to postpone or neglect what God has asked us to do. My style of preaching is to camp out in a passage because scattering a potpourri list of Scripture as my message foundation confuses me...I'm not sure if it works for others. So, this Sunday, we are camping out with Moses as he receives his call from God. I thought about Noah...Gideon...Saul (Paul), but the story of Moses seems to capsulize the rest. With the help of a few books I've read, here is what I see regarding the times God calls us to obedience and improvement:

1. There is always a call.
2. There is always a wall.
3. There is always a reassurance.
4. There is always a decision.
5. There is always a changed life.

I'm young and learning, but from my studies of Scripture and our culture...I see that when a person engages a church planting process, they must be called to do that specific task. I want to help our people own the calling that God has placed in their lives. Now, the people hearing this message have already accepted God's calling to plant this new church in Manhattan...however, the meaning of this calling can be difficult to understand. There is a such a large variety of ways in which God seems to call us. He used a burning bush for audible voice for Samuel...a bright light and voice for Saul (Paul). What has he used for you? For was a few things: experience, conversations, opportunity and a peace about that opportunity.

As a church plant, owning our calling requires certain actions:

1. We must saturate ourselves in prayer and the Scriptures.
2. We must seek out active unity.
3. We must be vocal about our testimonies.
4. We must engage, engage, engage.

OH you remember the parable Jesus shared about the rich man who gave some of his stash to his 3 servants while he was gone? Usually, we interpret this passage as guidance for financial stewardship...but...what if it's about stewardship of God's calling in our lives? Have you chosen to invest or bury it?

Hmmm...I'm thinking now. More later. Anyone have any thoughts?

Leg update:
I played basketball last night and it felt so good! Softball game tonight!

Katy update:
She got the exact school and grade she requested for her observation part of her degree ... 8th grade U.S. History! Just down the road, Anthony Middle School is waiting for Katy to make it a better place! This was such a blessing from God.

I should start working my "other" job now. Bye.


Monday, October 4

Emergent Wesleyan

Check this site out: Emergent Wesleyan

Sunday, October 3

Guy's Night

Friday night was "Guy's Night" with the girls because our wonderful wives had ventured off into "Craft Land" (i.e. a special craft fair in town). Although it was difficult not to join the women as they went table to table looking at buttons, quilts, and rocking horses...we chose to watch the children. So, Aubrey and Amber joined Alli and Hayden for a night of excitement. Aubrey and Amber are the neices of our good friends Mark and Becky. Their daddy is helping the Iraqi's live in freedom. Alli is the daughter of our other good friends, Lenny and Tammy. So, 4 wonderful children...3 very capable men...they loved us! With the help of some maccaroni-and-cheese and mini corn-dogs...not to mention a little dancing with the help of The Sound of Music and Beauty and the Beast...we were a hit!

Church news:
Eric Norris, the lead pastor of our church plant, spoke today at the 3 morning services of our partnering church (Westview Community Church). We had a chance to pass out brochures and information cards for anyone interested in joining our "Launch Team". I haven't reviewed the cards yet, but Eric says there were a lot!

During the services, we had a group stationed in front of the church interceding for our church. It was an incredible worship time to see and be a part of. Wow...I'm learning so much about prayer. Without doubt, it is the foundational discipline of our new church. How exciting is that!

This week:
Katy is taking her final for the evening class she's been attending. She'll ace it.

I'm preaching this Sunday (Oct. 10)...God is directing me on certain things...I may develop it via this site just to get feedback.

This Sunday afternoon...before I preach...we're having our 2nd "Attraction Event". We'll be passing out 2000 free hot dogs/bag o' chips/drinks to 2000 Wal-Mart customers as they come and go. The manager told us to expect 10,000 people to visit the store during the 3 hours we plan to be out front. Isn't that incredible?!?! We'll update you on how it goes.

What isn't being preached in our churches that is critical to the spiritual development of it's members?

That's all for now. Don't be afraid to comment...I need your thoughts.


Friday, October 1


Last night on our way to dinner at Becky and Mark's house, we stopped by the Eastside Market to pick out some pumpkins. This is the second year we've done this, so it's becoming an exciting Kinnan Family Tradition ... and it was much more fun this year because Hayden could help us pick his pumpkin out! He had a ball walking around the "pumpkin patch" and is starting to get used to his new shoes ... we each picked out a pumpkin, and headed over to the Neely's house.

This morning Hayden decided he wanted to rearrange our family of pumpkins, and then realized that they could roll ... we had a lot of entertainment for quite awhile, I must say!

Tonight Mark and David are babysitting the kids while Becky, Tami, and I go to the "Pumpkin Patch," which is Manhattan's version of an Octoberfest celebration and craft fair ... the latter part of the description is why David and Mark have decided to stay home and watch ESPN ... no crafts for them! Speaking of which, HOBBY LOBBY has just opened here, and Becky and I went to check it out last night ... it's the most beautiful place in Manhattan, and if you come to visit we'll have to make a trip there ... scrapbook supplies were 50% off! :)

I'm sure we'll have some pics of the guy's night with the kids ... and RLC is hosting our own flag football game tomorrow, so we'll have some pictures of that, too! :)

We Love You!

I command you to love each other in the same way that I love you. John 15:12
We are never, ever alone because of His love!