Tuesday, October 5


This morning Grandpa Kerby was in town for meetings, and before he went back to Topeka, he stopped by for a visit! Hayden showed him our family of pumpkins and even picked his up to show Grandpa how strong he is!

We have been enjoying the cool weather and spending a lot of time outside! Hayden and I went on a walk this afternoon and played in the back yard with Abby.

This morning I read in James, and was encouraged by this verse:
Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will fill you up. James 4:10

As David mentioned earlier, his message will be dealing with Moses and God's calling in all of our lives ... and he'll close with a few essential things we must to, and prayer is one of them. I was thankful that God laid this verse on me this morning, and am so thankful for His love and care for us ... there is a quote that says "You are never as high as when you are on your knees," and I believe that is one of the most sacred truths ... my prayer today is that you will discover and hold fast to the power of prayer ... to nourishing your relationship with Christ ... and to strengthening yourself with His word.

We Love You!

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