Friday, October 29

Hayden's Favorite Things ...

Hayden Thomas
Toddlers are funny people ... they can be more assertive and decisive than many adults (me) :) and have a way of letting everyone know how they feel. Hayden has been such a joy in his 14 months of life ... and it has been so exciting learning all of these precious things about him as he begins to find distinct likes and dislikes, and even funny habits. Let me explain ...

Daddy leaves every weekday morning at around 8 o'clock, and nearly every morning at the same time, Hayden and Abby are at the door seeing him off ... and stay there for several minutes later waving ...

You may notice that Hayden is only in a diaper ... well, he does have clothes, but has become "a' natural" in his dressing preference, and makes it very clear. When mommy doesn't have school, he can get away with it until his naptime or when we run errands. I'm just thankful he doesn't pull his diaper off anymore (yes, he used to pull off his diaper ... aaahhh). HaHa.

Hayden is also learning about all of the fun ways his flexible little body moves. This is one of his most recent discoveries ... upside down. He usually does this and waits for us to come help him somersault, but often times just likes to "hang out" like this for awhile.

Another of Hayden's most prized possessions is a chair that belonged to my great-grandmother. It's a darling little chair that she gave me before she passed away, and I keep it in the kitchen. Hayden, however, has found better places for it ... and carries it around to whatever room he is in. He watches tv on it, he sits in the office with it, and he brings it back into the kitchen when I'm cooking. He has finally figured out how to get into it ... and never let's it out of his sight! :)

Real Life Church Women
The women of Real Life Church came together at Diane's house last night for our very first Bible Study! We met for nearly 3 hours and it was a wonderful time of fellowship, study, prayer, and dessert! I'm so thankful for the blessing of the strong women God has blessed me with throughout my lifetime; my mother and mother-in-law, my sisters, my grandmothers, and am especially grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow and share with the women of Real Life Church. Last night we studied scripture from I and II Timothy and Titus concerning the role of the women in the community and church, and looked at the necessity for women to fellowship and serve others. It was truly an answer to prayers to finally meet! We'll begin getting together every other Thursday ... I'm so excited!

On Monday evening we'll be at Crestview Community Church, where church members throughout the area will be lifting up the Tuesday elections in prayer. We encourage you to vote
if you are able, and to remember to keep both the elections and the candidates in your prayers.

We Love You!

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.
I Corinthians 2:9 NLV

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