Tuesday, October 5

In process...

Last night, while playing basketball, I was joking with a friend that I had a difficult decision to make later that evening: Prepare my message for this Sunday (i.e. lock down a passage of Scripture, chizzle out a thesis statement along with an intro, outline the points, and brainstorm about a conclusion) OR watch Monday Night Football as the Chiefs were set to battle the Ravens. Choosing "message preparation" would definitely have been sacrificial use of my time. However, what if by watching the football game, I were to glean some direction?

So...I watched the game and prepared my message. I'm a gifted multi-tasker. God gave me a specific direction to go: Our Calling...inadequate and scared is usually where we find ourselves when God wants to use and improve us. We're all called to do something...it's all throughout Scripture. When receiving a call from God, some are ready and emotionally prepared, but most of us seem to initially find ways to postpone or neglect what God has asked us to do. My style of preaching is to camp out in a passage because scattering a potpourri list of Scripture as my message foundation confuses me...I'm not sure if it works for others. So, this Sunday, we are camping out with Moses as he receives his call from God. I thought about Noah...Gideon...Saul (Paul), but the story of Moses seems to capsulize the rest. With the help of a few books I've read, here is what I see regarding the times God calls us to obedience and improvement:

1. There is always a call.
2. There is always a wall.
3. There is always a reassurance.
4. There is always a decision.
5. There is always a changed life.

I'm young and learning, but from my studies of Scripture and our culture...I see that when a person engages a church planting process, they must be called to do that specific task. I want to help our people own the calling that God has placed in their lives. Now, the people hearing this message have already accepted God's calling to plant this new church in Manhattan...however, the meaning of this calling can be difficult to understand. There is a such a large variety of ways in which God seems to call us. He used a burning bush for Moses...an audible voice for Samuel...a bright light and voice for Saul (Paul). What has he used for you? For me...it was a few things: experience, conversations, opportunity and a peace about that opportunity.

As a church plant, owning our calling requires certain actions:

1. We must saturate ourselves in prayer and the Scriptures.
2. We must seek out active unity.
3. We must be vocal about our testimonies.
4. We must engage, engage, engage.

OH MAN...do you remember the parable Jesus shared about the rich man who gave some of his stash to his 3 servants while he was gone? Usually, we interpret this passage as guidance for financial stewardship...but...what if it's about stewardship of God's calling in our lives? Have you chosen to invest or bury it?

Hmmm...I'm thinking now. More later. Anyone have any thoughts?

Leg update:
I played basketball last night and it felt so good! Softball game tonight!

Katy update:
She got the exact school and grade she requested for her observation part of her degree ... 8th grade U.S. History! Just down the road, Anthony Middle School is waiting for Katy to make it a better place! This was such a blessing from God.

I should start working my "other" job now. Bye.


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