Friday, October 1


Last night on our way to dinner at Becky and Mark's house, we stopped by the Eastside Market to pick out some pumpkins. This is the second year we've done this, so it's becoming an exciting Kinnan Family Tradition ... and it was much more fun this year because Hayden could help us pick his pumpkin out! He had a ball walking around the "pumpkin patch" and is starting to get used to his new shoes ... we each picked out a pumpkin, and headed over to the Neely's house.

This morning Hayden decided he wanted to rearrange our family of pumpkins, and then realized that they could roll ... we had a lot of entertainment for quite awhile, I must say!

Tonight Mark and David are babysitting the kids while Becky, Tami, and I go to the "Pumpkin Patch," which is Manhattan's version of an Octoberfest celebration and craft fair ... the latter part of the description is why David and Mark have decided to stay home and watch ESPN ... no crafts for them! Speaking of which, HOBBY LOBBY has just opened here, and Becky and I went to check it out last night ... it's the most beautiful place in Manhattan, and if you come to visit we'll have to make a trip there ... scrapbook supplies were 50% off! :)

I'm sure we'll have some pics of the guy's night with the kids ... and RLC is hosting our own flag football game tomorrow, so we'll have some pictures of that, too! :)

We Love You!

I command you to love each other in the same way that I love you. John 15:12
We are never, ever alone because of His love!

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