Thursday, September 30

KU or KSU Confusion and Family Time

This picture was from last week and was so adorable I couldn't resist posting it! Hayden loves to wear daddy's hats, and this particular evening he was wearing a K-State shirt and running around with this KU hat on ... he's already confused! :)

The week has gotten off to a great and busy start! Pastor Eric and Robin are in Colorado for a Pastor/Spouse Retreat, so David had the opportunity to put together the worship service Sunday evening. It was such a beautiful time, with Tami doing an excellent job with musical worship and several Real Life Church members giving their testimonies.

Monday I spent the day in Topeka and Lawrence researching "Quantrell's Lawrence Raids" and got to spend some quality time with Kurt while on the KU campus (twice in three days ... what am I doing!?) at the Spencer Research Library. It's funny how much alike we are ... and I am really enjoying getting to know my brother as a friend. We had lunch and he was so sweet ... he walked with me across campus so I wouldn't get lost ... KU is much more spread out than KSU! After many exhausting hours of study, I was ready to come home!

Hayden got some new pj's from great-Uncle Jim and great-Aunt Terri for his birthday and is captivated by the long sleeves and the designs on the pants ... everytime we put them on he spends the first few seconds just staring and touching his arms.

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It's adorable! Last night before David left to lead the Bible Study he and Eric are doing at Westview, we had some quality family time!

Along with walking came a need to climb anything and everything ... and of course, the fireplace has been one of Hayden's favorite things. He gives both David and I a quick glance, then moves in, hoping to reach "Mt. Fireplace." Many times he has succeeded, but hopefully soon he will learn what "no" means ... or be stopped by a gate that we'll probably end up putting up. AAAAHHHHHHH!

Another of Hayden's most prized birthday toys is his dump truck. He especially likes to take Abby's toys away and put them in the back of the truck so he can push it around the house and make her follow him around. They're the cutest pair and have really become great buddies. As you can see, he's an avid walker now, and only crawls when he needs to get away fast ... like on his way to the fireplace! :)

David has been keeping busy with his Big Brothers Big Sisters workload (which has become a mountain of work as the fall is a very busy time of year) and Real Life Church responsibilities. I must say, that I am extremely proud of him and full of admiration for the way that he has been handling the chaos that could overwhelm some ... he has been patient, and has leaned on God for his strength, and I am constantly amazed at his dedication and also his discipline in making time for what is really important ... time with God and with us! Yesterday morning I had a mid-term in my first class, and David woke up early to get Hayden and Abby taken care of and even made my coffee and carried all my books to the car ... I'm telling you ... he's amazing! :)

Well, this has been an event-filled week for us, but in His way, God is teaching us the value of both rest and quality time with him, and with those we love. We cannot be the best for God, and others if we run ourselves into fatigue ... it is our duty to keep ourselves as fit as possible, spiritually and physically. Our prayer today, and always, is that you will find God's perfect peace and take comfort in His love and plans for you.

Let's get away from the crowds for a while and rest. Mark 6:31

We Love You,

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