Sunday, September 26

KU Football Game

To finally celebrate Hayden's birthday, we traveled to Lawrence for the day to tailgate with family. It was such a great day...Hayden loves being outside and crawling through the grass.

While sitting on the hill just outside the stadium, we were able to watch a hot air balloon go from the back of an SUV to being fully blown-up! Plus, there was a Jayhawk on the side!

Hayden was also able to meet the greatest mascot in the entire sports world: the University of Kansas Jayhawk. Hayden seemed more enamored with the J's beak than actually getting to meet him.

We had a lot of time to sit and relax...enjoying each other and family. The men took their time to sit and bond (i.e. prepare to eat).

Grandma Kinnan enjoyed her time with Hayden as he cheered on the Jayhawks.

We took some time to snuggle and make a few funny faces (DK).

By the end of the day, Hayden was spent. He's crawled all over creation, played with family, met the great mascot known to man, and cheered on the greatest university to have ever been established. Nap time was easy.

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