Wednesday, September 15


Katy and I have just started reading the book of Proverbs each day. Aside from the obvious wisdom one can glean from reading King Solomon's writings, the time spent in Scripture with my wife is so rich.

For those of you who might be interested...I've been reminded of a key principle...maybe it's a key practice. The second proverb in the book talks about INSIGHT. There are a few different "pictures" the writer speaks of when conveying how we ought seek insight. I can picture the miner with the water's edge just hitting his knees. He is vigorously shaking his sifting plate...looking intently for something of value. This picture is being created for a purpose: We should approach "life" in the same manner...allowing experience and circumstance to be sifted through our plate. What are we to look for? INSIGHT...on anything. Do you have financial choices glaring at you? What about vocation choices? I'd suggest making a list...put them all in your "sifting plate" and allow God to let the right choice(s) rise to the top as a small nugget of gold might do in the miners plate. Look for insight in the crisp, clear well as the chocolate, muddy water. Insight is everywhere...placed perfectly by God for us to see just another glimpse of His glory. Insight can be taken from our horrible boss or a weak can be pocketed after a good converation with a friend. The key is that you keep sifting...keep looking.

That's what I've been learning.


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