Tuesday, January 30

Please pray ...

These last few months have been filled with tremendous joy ... and quite a lot of pain. It's only through God's grace that we are able to get through this beautiful and painful journey of life, and we are experiencing that full well right now.

We have prayed for and sought to have another child for quite some time now, and due to medical reasons had to go through a little more than with Hayden. About 5 weeks ago we found out that our second baby was on the way. As of Friday, we were just under 2 months into the pregnancy. On Saturday, I began to feel cramps and other symptoms characteristic of a miscarriage. Yesterday, the thought of a miscarriage became a reality. I know miscarriage is a part of life...I know God is completely in control and His sovereignty is far superior than I can imagine. We know our little baby is in a better place and will have a life more perfect than we could ever dream of with his/her Heavenly Father ... and we will meet our little one someday.

We ask for your prayers as we grieve this event. We have never felt such extreme emotions; from the thrill of a new life and planning and discussing and dreaming of this little person every moment of the day ... and then it's just gone. It will take time and God's grace to help us heal. I'm sure many of you who read this have probably experienced the same thing, and I do know we will look back at this and value how God was moving in this situation, and what an incredible ministry opportunity we are so privileged to share.

God Bless You,

Thursday, January 25

If you wonder...

Does God care about our individual lives...meaning, does God really listen to our prayers? I have recently been reminded how easy it can be for my mind to become trapped in "life" as I put the essence of my faith way back in my thoughts and then move only my current circumstances to the front...allowing them to dominate all that I do.

Most of you are now well aware of the battle Josh Buck is waging right now. Actually, I need to word that differently. I wonder if Josh is simply the center of the battle while we're seeing what seems to be the nation coming together in prayer and fasting on Josh's behalf...almost as if we're declaring a spiritual war on his ailments and fighting this in some united way.

My faith in my Lord has been increased today as I learned of Josh's physical developements. I wonder if this is how the disciples felt after Christ had been crucified and they went off to hide...then they encounter him 3 days later...I feel empowered by what I have read, yet I also see how weak my faith had become.

If your faith is weak, and you really do wonder if the God of the universe would care about the desires of your heart. And, if you wonder if prayer has any power...please read the post here: www.greenhouseministries.org

Living with increased faith,

Thursday, January 18

Please pray

Josh Buck, the Best Man in our wedding and one of my very best friends, had an incredibly serious diving injury involving his vertebrae (his C5). I don't know many details, but I do know the seriousness of this goes without saying. He is currently in a drug-induced coma.

For additional information: www.greenhouseministries.org

If you pray, please pray to God that He would intervene.

Tuesday, January 16

07' Update

07’ Update

It’s been awhile, so here’s the latest:

Katy – She’s back into the swing of things in managing her classroom of what seems to be an abnormally well-behaved group of sixth-grade students. Just this past week, Katy started in on two of her first online Masters classes through Emporia State University. She was born to be a student, so her excitement is hard to miss. It’s fun to see how giddy she gets as she organizes her assignments and responds to her classmates.

Hayden – He jumped right back into school without a hitch. Actually, his teachers were amazed at his speech progress over the 2 week vacation time. He came back saying so many new words in complete sentences…he still jabbers a lot in some alien language, but he’s finally showing a desire to talk which is exciting for us.

David – I don’t go to bed with a weight of stress consuming my mind. I’ve been done working at Big Brothers Big Sister for about a month…I have yet to entertain a single thought of regret. I bring Hayden out to our church office during his naptime which gives me a good amount of time to accomplish things.

The semester is really on the move…our nights without meetings or events have seemed to dwindle down each week, but in some sick way…we enjoy it.

We’ve got some good pics that we have yet to put up here…hopefully we get’em to you soon.